Next Black Ops 2 Patch will not resolve all issues

Some issues experienced with Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 are in need of patches to rectify the ongoing problems, but we are sure more will be required as time goes on, especially since the latest fix is not expected to sort everything out. With plenty of feedback on their latest CoD installment the team behind Black Ops 2 are continuing to work on various issues, and updates on what is being fixed has been ideal to keep fans informed.

Recent tweets from Game Design Director David Vonderhaar, mention the upcoming patch should be available today (Tuesday) although we are not sure of the actual time. A list of the fixes is documented on MP1st, and this patch is expected to address problems with the theater mode, escort drone and Dragonfire glitches. One of the main issues that fans have been querying is bouncing Care Package glitch and we doubt this will be included in the latest patch, although fans have been pleasantly surprised how quick these patches are being updated.

Other gamers are not so happy with the amount of problems this recently released game contains, and questions have been asked whether it is now common ground to launch a buggy title with the intention of patching it up after its release. We acknowledge that gamers in this day and age deserve better, and we expect all titles to be finished before we buy them, but the continued work by Treyarch should be appreciated and we understand those who are frustrated by the problems involved.

In other Black Ops 2 news, Jostiq reports on the Nuketown 2025 playlist being removed, and fans outrage has caused this to be added to new bonus play list. A recent update was sent to Black Ops 2 adding a new playlist, called Bonus, and this mode within the play list Chaos Moshpit informs us that selecting this will rotate and this involves “small maps with a variety of game modes,” including Nuketown 2025.

Only last week, we spoke about the Black Ops 2 Metacritic review score showing indifference between users who have given the game low scores, although when you look at comments, the multiplayer is the best part, along with the branching storyline, although there seems to be higher expectations when it comes to the campaign. Do feel Black Ops 2 is not as good as we were led to believe? Additionally, what problems have you encountered?

  • nettie1261

    i can not stand bops2 anymore the lag the signing out being signed out of games while you are with friends or parties to find out you are in a different match all together so you have to back out to gather your party again THE connection is unbearable now in fact i rate call of duty now

  • borntoride

    How can game makers treat their buyer so badly. They should be made to refund the extra money paid by people for the special edition of COD Black Ops 2. It is disgusting

  • quickshoot

    when are they going to put all hardcore game modes or more modes than the normal 4, i lived on hardcore headquarters or domination on black ops and now i cant play it unless i want to unload a whole clip into someone in normal core mode!! the hit ratio is incredibly bad i even tested it out with a friend he stood a little way in front of me i used the mp7 shot slightly to the left of him and it killed him!!!!! and don’t even get me started on taking away nuketown an extra £15 for the digital deluxe version and it gets taken away!! treyarch needs to seriously sort it to be better than the orignal black ops

  • Matt Watterson

    ‘The Continued Work of Treyarch’?
    What, you mean copying and pasting textures from their previous game into their new game and then charging a ridiculous price for it?
    I expected MW3 to be a rehash of MW2, no doubt. But Black Ops seemed like it was heading in a ‘arginally’ better direction. So when i spent my £40 on this game, only to find there was NO Nuketown without paying extra for it, the Zombies mode has been destroyed, and the lag issues are terrible. Again, Activision chooses guaranteed sales over quality. Pisses me off so much that there are people out there who will defend these games every step of the way.

    • Brian

      You get nuketown by pre-ordering. Not paying extra.

      • Chris

        No, if you didn’t pre-order then you would have to buy the hardened edition to get it, which is an extra $20.00.

        • dan

          wtf are you talking about? you could just walk in and buy it without a pre order

  • Jerry Wise

    The problems I have had so far are the constant connection interruptions, worse than MW3 spawns, and UAV’s not being able to be used. Add in the lack luster Hard Core game modes, the fact there’s no ricochet in Hard core and just plain unfinished feeling of the multiplayer has made this long time fan of the COD series debating whether to even play these titles anymore. Activision along with IW and Treyarch no longer care about what the gamers want its more about lining their pockets with our hard earned money. Its a shame COD 4 is so hacked up and full of cheats because that was the last good COD made.

  • Agu5ia

    That is nuts!!!! We can not connect with Black Ops 2 server!!!! This what they did with Nuketown is really not nice, one of reason we preorder this game is because we want Nuketown, all fun about was taken by new update. Today I just got so agree at them server I almost broke my XBox lol they need to sort it out and they should to worn us about any work!!! I’m really angry and despoitment :/

  • Chris Green

    Worst COD to date, small congested maps where your only option to compete is with an smg, and terrible lag compensation. I would have considered myself a Treyarch fanboy almost, but not after putting some time in with this game.

  • Michael Krause

    im not too happy myself . I’ve also noticed lag in single player campain ???? any answers to why?

  • dman

    Put nuketown 2025 back on ya dog

  • fattkkid55

    Not worth the money….its just not good…taking it back

  • bonkynuts123

    you are all idiots sure there is a few common mistakes but there have been in almost every cod in time the main ones are patched up and swept under the rug. for me this is the best call of duty there has been im hooked on zombies and multiplayer sure has a few problems but still a great online first person shooter compared to that heap that was mw3 and im still yet to play campagin. shut up ye FOOLS!

    • worst game ever

      You must have the worst internet possible for the lag compensation to be aiding you.

  • stevie r

    I must say ive had no issues with bad or laggy connections but i do on say fifa and even blops1.. The main thing about this game is on the zombies part where for some reason they have decided to remove 2player games that records the rounds on the leaderboard.even though there is a 2 player leaderboard.. Also would like to know what us fans who brought the hardened edition get when we buy the seasons pass as they are going to give the map for dree that we had to pay for.. Nuketown 2025 was meant for pre orders but now it comes free with the game.. Not happy at all with blops 2

  • berell

    This game is worse than WaW! I promised myself I would never get a treyarch game after that.. I tried BO and I regret buying that.. I tried this one and I’m going to take it back right away

  • Dale Smith

    look personally i think they knew there would be sales like this.
    and ppl complaining about the title.

    but personally i think they release it to early because they where to many desperate ppl out there not just that it leaked online and it would only take a short time for someone to crack it then it would be loss of profit

    so desperate ppl = lots of profit
    leak online half the profit

    look xbox and ps3 are old news its all about the next gen of consoles and games
    that are going to make more profits for these companies

  • Dale Smith

    all ppl do is complain about some silly game go out have so fun

    have a life

    there is no life gaming

    them achievements on xbox or ps3 are not a accomplishments .=10 points

    having a family a job a new born are a big achievement get that.= infinity

  • Kev

    Black ops still in need of patch 1.4 as it still freezing , and now messin up my psw as it is having issues now freezing and disc read errors and mw3 which I have never had any issues with…. Bop2 in need of fix ASAP thnx