Skyrim Dawnguard DLC debacle and PS3 exodus unwarranted

The ongoing saga concerning the lack of downloadable content for the PS3 version of Skyrim, has given some reason to believe those owning a Sony console may transfer their gaming over to the Xbox just because of this issue revolving around one title. We understand that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a popular game, but we cannot see that this is enough to warrant an exodus, just to play Dawnguard DLC as well as the other two.

Many gamers would say this is ridiculous, and they would rather direct their issues with Bethesda, and refrain from buying anything that has their name involved. Talking about whether PS3 owners have given this idea much thought, Product Reviews questions whether a PlayStation 3 revolution would be the next logical step for those waiting for the content that has been made available to the Xbox 360. Although we have empathy for PS3 Skyrim fans, we find it hard to believe many would consider trading in their console for an Xbox, just because of DLC issues with one game.

We are not saying that the frustration hasn’t caused this become apparent in some cases, as we have heard reports of those who have trading in their console for a Microsoft model, and this is just so they can play Dawnguard and Dragonborn. When you think of the extra cost of getting a drastically reduced price for your existing console to then buy another along with the game, this sounds like a spur of the moment reflex that some gamers can afford to do just to play the DLC they have been desperately been waiting for.

Recently we have heard that some content is coming to the PS3, but are still in the dark whether it will be one of the three packages, although many loyal Sony console owners would be quite smug about an exclusive DLC, in regards to those who have jumped ship. Although we have hopes that it will be the first one of the three, there are no expectations that Bethesda will offer anything else as way of an apology, although we would like to see a drastic discount if all the DLC does appear.

At the beginning of the week, we wrote the lack of PS3 DLC update put into perspective, and we acknowledge Sony gamers will feel hard done by, but there are many that have lost any enthusiasm for this altogether, with some suggesting when it comes it comes, that’s if it ever arrives. The wait has become a drain for many and regular communication on how they are getting along would be a polite way for Bethesda to let gamers in on their progress reassuring us there is hope. Do you find that those turning to the Xbox 360 are just giving Bethesda more money by buying their game twice? Maybe you feel it is silly to assume gamers would get an Xbox because of the lack of support for one title.

  • bob123

    Just tell us whether it is coming out or not!

    • IchiYamamoto

      It is. Though, “when” is the major question.

  • Tyni Koi

    What was the point of this article…. Really?

    • hubbajube

      To try to make you switch your gaming preference to poobox.
      I own both consoles, but their are several reasons why I don’t buy allot of games for 360. For one mostly I’m not going to pay for internet when I can buy the same game for my PS3 and play online for free, that and I’m to lazy to drill a hole to my basement for a 50 foot ethernet cord. Sure If mine had wifi I’d use the free passes I get for Halo, and if you got into the store for free any time I might pick up Beth games for it, but you don’t pay to to get INTO walmart and gamestop.

      And what ever this article might say, I’m not going to pick up a game I already own for one console for another one, just because of one or a few DLC’s. I gave up hope on Beth along time ago. This is worse then the FO3 DLC’s, but give it time it might come out eventually……

      *Goes back to playing AC3 and Black Ops 2*

      • jacobtheACfanboy

        i agree about bethesda and microsoft plus ac3 is great pre-ordered it in april

      • .

        yea it will come out on the ps9

    • Azure Djinn

      I applaud Marlon and this site for helping keep this issue in the forefront. Bethesda would like nothing more than let it slip away into the background while they work out the problems on their own time line. It doesn’t matter if it is earth shattering news every article. You’re here like the rest of us looking for something, anything to keep our hopes up that someday we will see an end to this nightmare. It’s NOT their fault there is never anything new to report … it’s Bethesda’s …

      • Santos De Marque

        Here, here!!!

      • Geeki

        Do you think there is any hope still to be found?

    • DON-EAZY-E

      I know right This is BS.

  • frankbob

    Well, since I’m saving up for a PC anyway, I think I’m just gonna pirate skyrim and its dlc, and probably any future Bethesda games that I might like because I’m not getting an Xbox just to play some dlc (not to mention the live just to download it) because thats just a joke, and my friend said that the online play for halo 4 isn’t as fun as reach, so again, not getting an Xbox.

    • Heroilx

      Beware! the pc version of skyrim has a ton of bugs, and some of the dawnguard quests dont even work for pc 😛

      • Santos De Marque

        Yeh, butcha know whatcha get o the pc? Mods. Made by people’s who care, unlike bethjewda.

  • BethesdaSucks

    stop trading your consoles for a cheap dlc that will probably be the most glitchy game in the world. If you are that bored there is a million new game for ps3 like AC3 and black ops 2. And why does they keep writing those damn articles? Are they supposed to cheer people up?

    • Stephen Bondura

      No, they’re just trying to keep the issue in the current news space to keep the conversation alive enough to hopefully motivate bethesda. A stoking of the flames so to speak.

  • James Murray

    I wouldn’t trade it in, but when the new generation of consoles come out and I’m making a decision between Sony and Microsoft, I’ll have to take into account availability of DLCs in my purchase. Obviously Microsoft works harder to ensure that their players get what they want.

    • Santos De Marque

      you mean Microsoft has looser moralities and more so underhanded business tactics?

    • Golden Showers

      Microsoft doesn’t work harder to make sure there fan’s get what they want. If they did that what they would be doing in pouring lots of time and money into their first party developers so they could created a great selection of games that could only be played on their console. What they’re actually doing is underhandedly bribing third party developers to favor their console and neglect other platforms so that they take away from the competition in order to make themselves look better. They’re not securing what their players want; they’re just keeping it away from people who aren’t their players.

  • rfgjngjn

    There doing another oblivion job on ps3 players why is so hard for people to realise that!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Daniel Smith

      Oblivion job? You mean missing out on Mehrunes Razor and a few glorified storage lockers? Outraged I am!

  • Givingtwo Cents

    I’m sitting here looking at my PS3. It’s so pretty and powerful. Not being ripped off by Microsoft’s online fees is a plus. I wipe and shine my PS3 every week to keep it looking new. Now, what would I want to do with an Xbox? I’ll never have an Xbox in my house because I would feel each night I go to bed, Microsoft comes out and dip their hands into my wallet and then sneak out the window. They should renamed it Thief Box for what it is.

    • Floating Holiday

      Maybe you should stop giving two cents, then..

      • Givingtwo Cents

        It’s giving to senses. Should have given you more time to figure that one out. LOL.

        • BoyHitsTroll

          There’s nothing to figure out. Sense and cents are 2 different words. If you meant sense you should have spelled it that way

    • James Haggar

      You get what you pay for, an excellent service with great content. Xbox hasn’t had a 3 month outage either… is £30 a YEAR really too much for you?! Even then during the year there are further discounts like getting Black Ops 2 AND a years xbox gold for just £38….

      The issue with Skyrim and the PS3 is the RAM inside the console, while having the same amount as the 360 it instead dedicates half to the dashboard and half to games. The 360 has a dynamic change with it’s RAM that allows it to use more if required during gameplay. It is for this reason PS3 Skyrim dlc will not come so easily to the Sony console if at all.

      • Stephen Bondura

        A lot of other sites have noted RAM is not the issue as other RAM intensive games play fine. Further, if there were a RAM issue, it would have affected the base game to a similar extent. I have not experienced any of the PS3 glitches to an extent to where I had to stop playing, so I don’t understand what the big issue is. Expansions/add ons use the original game code extensively, so unless the DLC destabilized the base game, I don’t get what the issue is.

  • Bethesdasoft

    Of course Microsoft would love more people to buy their console which is why they flip the big bucks to companies like Bethesda to get “exclusive” rights. If they make the X-box “more desirable” with exclusive content, people will buy it despite having to pay a subscription to play games on inferior hardware. Bethesda doesn’t view PS3 as a “priority” because they don’t stand to profit as much from Sony. It’s that simple.

    The failure in this situation is Bethesda for not being accountable for their inability to produce results, and the idiots that continue to support companies that fail to produce results. If any company fails to produce, they are obligated to provide an explanation of why. They have failed to do this. Instead they give priority to one market over another because Microsoft dangled a thick check in front of them, and they know some people are stupid enough to continue buying their products and just accept being ignored. Sadly they are right, some complete retards out there are willing to reward companies like Bethesda by paying them more money for failing to do their job.

    • James Haggar

      I’ll copy the same message to you too.

      The issue with Skyrim and the PS3 is the RAM inside the console, while
      having the same amount as the 360 it instead dedicates half to the
      dashboard and half to games. The 360 has a dynamic change with it’s RAM
      that allows it to use more if required during gameplay. It is for this
      reason PS3 Skyrim dlc will not come so easily to the Sony console if at

      It is not Bethesda’s fault that the PS3 isn’t utilize all of it’s potential, they are working with Sony to produce the content but aren’t able to do so because of the limitations present.

  • Givingtwo Cents

    Let’s say the Xbox is $300 + a mandatory $8 a month online fee for two years and a month ($200) = $500 dollars. Xboxers should consider purchasing a Playstation and save their money towards a $3000 PC.

  • Daniel Smith

    Hey… HEEEEEEYY!! Over here! I’ve a secret to tell you. There’s a new DLC coming out soon for Skyrim called Dragonborn. Can we have news on that please or is it too much work for you? I know recycling is good for the planet but seriously…

  • Floating Holiday

    “Exodus”… really?

  • BethesdaSucks

    If the Bethesda are working on ps3 dlc they would have already told us instead is watching there ps3 fans dwindle away.

  • Givingtwo Cents

    I didn’t mention that Xboxers are also paying for cable/wifi connection + online fees + pay to play games + accessories the Xbox lacked + buying a game + buying DLCs. This is why I say that only people with a ghetto mentality buys an Xbox. (Their hard working moms and step dads is probably paying for it all.)

    • this guy

      I love you for this comment, only because the Xbox is an overated system and could never meet the capabilities of a Playstation 3, and also the fact that i have several friends with hard working mothers and step dads, and sit in their basements all the time while their parents pay for all of it including online fees. Why don’t Xbox fanboys just face reality? PS3 has better graphics, better rendering, and free online. And another thing for all the xbox fanboys out there, online connection doesnt matter just because you have xbox live, it matters whether or not the person on the other end has good connection or not.

  • Givingtwo Cents

    Bethesda has great games and I don’t want to loose them. But with it comes Pete Hines with an attitude of an iguana. So if you want to destroy Bethesda ( I hope not, please) just tell the churches that the game supports same sex marriage and makes fun of religion. Then walk over to the Arabs and tell them Hammerfell makes fun of their savage culture. But don’t do that. I still have hopes for the DLCs which may never come.

    • BethesdaSucks

      Churches can’t destroy a company, and what does hammerfell have to do with Arabs.

      • Givingtwo Cents

        It’s just dry humor I put out. I going into a withdrawal due to the lack of Dawnguard and Hearthfire. I can’t think straight right now.

        • BethesdaSucks

          Then forget skyrim and try another game.

          • Givingtwo Cents

            You are not helping any of us get PS3 Skyrim DLCs into our consoles by arguing with me. I don’t want to play another game. I want to play Skyrim and all its expansion. I’m fighting to get a game company to release their games to all consoles equally and fairly.

          • BethesdaSucks

            Because I lost hope, it have been like eight months since dawnguard came out for Xbox. Do you really still think there is a chance they would release it for ps3? Some companies like ubisoft ain’t Microsoft devs and gives us exclusivity like ac3.

          • cchiu

            ac3 ftw

  • Reece

    Seriously do you lot type up an article about anything? If there’s no update on the subject you’ll post an article about a comment a couple of people said.

  • Mars

    Well on black friday 2012 Best Buy has the xbox on sale for $200. Thats including the 250 GB, Forza 4 and SKYRIM. So yeah if some Sony players see that they might think about trying to grab that deal.

    • BethesdaSucks

      200$ for a 20$ dlc, I already own all consoles and I am telling you Xbox ain’t worth it and ps3 is more fun and have it own exclusives.

    • cchiu


  • Jack

    I wouldn’t trade my PS3 for a Xbox, just for one games dlc. If they, Bethesda, wanted the money from the ps3 owners for the dlc then quit the childish game and get it done. Doesn’t look like their too concerned about making a little extra money. The game could be made to work but all of a sudden a dlc, it can’t be made to work. I see it as hey political power struggle between consoles. Silly and all its doing is driving down their product.

  • Michael Griffiths

    I would never buy another console over a game. We already own a XBOX360. We have let Bethesda know, that we will not buy another game from them until the DLC issue is resolved. So the ball is in their court. If I don’t get what I paid for, then I simply will not buy anymore games from them.

  • casper13rocks

    theres no way in the world bethesda is going to give ps3 anything exclusively to even sajest it is retarded i dought ps3 will even get a dsicount on any dlc if it ever actuly comes i still think original skyrim wontt get any dlc i think ps3 owners are going to be told to buy the game of the year edition at full price if they want dlc that is the only way were going to see it this will be like oblivion if were lucky goty edition might be out for us two enjoy xmass next yr

    • Shayne


  • Trolling-life

    Ps3 bum holes need to get over it and stop crying like little girls ffs. It’s not like u hav paid for anything so you have nothing.

    • lelouch

      We pay for are DLC unlike you who use points we use real cash. Stoping trying to start a consoles war on these sites thanks.

      • BoyHitsTroll

        Um Microsoft points cost money dipshit.

    • Shayne

      I love xboxfags like you. I got here from AC3 where xboxfags are still complaining about them not getting 4 missions. And we haven’t paid for anything? What about the game itself? We paid for that, didn’t we?

      Do us a favor and go crawl back to your mother’s basement and keep paying Microsoft for things PS3 players get for free.

  • wouldbfunny

    would be funny if this was Bill Gates plan all along. People are playing right into his hands like a dog on a leash.

  • Gameboy

    Omg every artical says the same thing people are trading in there ps3 for xbox and that its ridiculous that they are actuly doing it. I don’t care about how stupid other people are just let us know actual news about the ps3 dlcs

  • Heroilx

    I strongly believe that Bethsda is working with Microsoft to try to get people to buy the xbox 360 and drop the ps3, this is merely an opinion, but think about it, cant it be possible?

    • Stephen Bondura

      Sadly yes, it is possible, but highly unlikely as there are at least 3 ps3 users per x360 user in the US now. Too much cost from microsoft to the players.

  • Azure Djinn

    As I have mentioned previously I own Skyrim on both consoles. Did I or would I exchange my PS3 for an Xbox?… HELL NO! … I already owned both consoles and original elected to buy Skyrim on the superior console PS3 (of course). Furthermore I purchased the Xbox copy of Skyrim USED off ebay I wasn’t about to pay full price twice.
    Even after completing both campaigns of Dawnguard when I switch back to my PS3 character there is a noticeable void without Serana by my side and my crossbow slung across my back. YES I admit if Dawnguard is released on PS3 eventually I will purchase it AGAIN for my PS3 and be grateful.

    SERIOUSELY people the article does not suggest in any way that it is NEW News about the release date for the PS3 DLCs … You saw the Title just like me and followed the link … STOP blaming others for your actions!

  • jamzwayne

    I’ll never own an XBOX.I hate Microcrap with a passion. If the DLC never comes out, so be it. There are lots of other games to play folks. Heck, I’m playing MGS Peace Walker from the MGS HD collection. It has had my attention since November 3rd, and prolly will for several more weeks. Skyrim is on the shelf collecting dust. I hope to dust it off and play it again someday, but if not, Oh freakin well.

    • Santos De Marque

      As yes, brother. I rock the cqc and rubber bullet twin barrel.

    • iwilleatyourfood

      u dont even have 2 play the ps3. PC games arent that bad (other than skyrim). for example, mists of pandaria for world of warcraft. its actually not bad at all.

  • Santos De Marque

    Pfft, yeah, buy Xbox, buy skyrim, buy live account, pay to use the Internet you pay for, buy dlc. Then? Play and realize that Bethesda is shitting all over everyone, since the release of skyrim: releasing a broken product, lying through teeth and being so uncreative that they integrate, blatantly, mods which are FREE to begin with. so many features included in vanilla skyrim are oblivion mods. Further more: This aggression will not stand, man.

  • R3d_DoT-FLameZX

    i know it seems stupid, but ask microsoft for help its not exactly the hardest code to crack realy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Stephen Bondura

      An article back in October already stated that Sony is involved with the DLC issue. It’s easy enough to google so I’m not putting a link here. Including microsoft would be a bad idea as it would involve revealing possible trade secrets between competing business entities.

  • BethesdaSucks

    And dawnguard doesn’t even deserve all of this wait you can watch a wAlkthrough on YouTube for the dlc if you really want to know what happens, you are just going to know it is no more than few quests that you can’t even have except one choice in the dlc. And both factions have the same quest lines.

  • konnor83

    I agree, I will probably not stick with sony for the next general console. The exclusive early releases like COD doc early, skyrim dlc early and at the moment only on the xbox. Sony are just not competitive anymore

    • MuffinMan


  • Sir1

    ‘Ridiculous’ was the only word in this otherwise completely unnecessary article that caught my eye. This whole issue is ridiculous, Bethesda is ridiculous. No way I’m switching my PS3 for an Xbox – First, because I wouldn’t do that for a single game. It’s stupid. Secondly, why would I do Bethesda the favour of switching my console to buy DLC’s they will profit from? This article was pointless, like most of the other ones. The same things are being repeated over and over again. Write a new article when you have news relevant to our waiting of the DLC’s for PS3.

  • Jbizser

    Honestly, I find it to infuriating to care anymore. If it does in fact come to PS3 I still won’t care.

  • DragonSlayer

    f#ck it, i have my hitman on ps3 now. i like pretending an entire stage is populated with bethesda employees, then slowly and silently squeezing the life out of every single one. it helps me sleep lol

  • cchiu

    first we had valve time, now is it beth time?

  • cchiu

    while beth is working with sony, microsoft has a bunch of bills and a fan in the next room….


    I Just wanna be a vampire lord man like wtf lol i mean if its that big of a damn issue like they did with oblivion just start making a disc that already has the added on content… i mean has no one thought of that? just do that i mean i have a ps3 and i dont have the money or income to switch consoles nor do i want to because i like other ps3 only titles compared to that of xbox.

  • Timoklon

    boo, we want dawnguard

  • DragonSlayer

    theres a skyrim petition, i tried to add the link but got a f#cked up captcha. so just search it

    • Givingtwo Cents

      I already signed the petition. I hope they could get 50,000 signatures. But only 70 million PS3s were sold.

  • Dillon Moss

    I think that bethesda is doing this on purpose to try to get ps3 users to sell their ps3’s and buy xbox 360’s so they will buy all three dlc’s and give bethesda a crap load of more money even though they don’t need it.

  • Archangel

    Your focusing in on one game as the reason for a console switch. Add in the one month behind on many other DLC and it sure adds up. After Brink and Skyrim DLC BS I will reconsider buy Bethesda games but my next console purchase my have just switched back over to XBOX since Sony can not push things through and give Microsoft so many exclusive bonuses. Even if its just getting to play DLC when it comes out and not having to wait.

  • ianLAD

    i’ve both console nd i still aint gonna buy it on the xbox i prefer it on the ps3

  • steve ward

    I gave up on 360, and just bought it for the computer yea there is more bugs but at lest you get to play DLC, not 3 dlc instead 5k and counting

  • I smell bs.

    I am so surprise nobody sued them yet, why are they getting away with this bs.It clearly said add content on the box wtf.

  • James TheIngnorante Emmans

    Don’t give in, PlayStation Nation forever!

  • bradford1994

    I’d be willing to bet they already have it all done and are just waiting till after the new dlc comes out and see if they can get more money with the xbox version and then release it to us just so they get the most money.

  • brazen223

    I have had both systems and traded my x box in because I became fed up with them. In 3 years I went through 3 systems. They make a faulty product that you continuiously sink money into. I have had my ps3 for 3 years and haven’t had so much as a hiccup from it not to metion free play and when they mess up they reward you with free games and passes. Screw x box ill never go back no matter how many exclusives they reserve.

  • odanell

    Four out of 5 of my PS3 Skyrim playing friends, said they would buy the Xbox to get the DLC games, none has done so yet. I will never replace my PS3. I love Skyrim but will either get a chance to buy the DLCs in the future or I will just have to settle with just plain ol Skyrim. I also have 2 friends in Germany and 1 in England who said they are eagerly waiting for Bethesda to release the PS3 DLCs.

  • David Vissi

    I simply wont be buying any more Bethesda games until AFTER all the DLC for any particular title is already published.

  • .

    In about 9 days its gonna be half a year since the ps3 didn’t get dlc

  • Geeki

    i haven’t played skyrim since we were told ps3 wouldn’t get dawngaurd because i lost my enthusiasm for playing it knowing that my friends and people around the world are playing a piece of one of my favorite games (pre ordered it as soon as i could pre order) it breaks my heart, because i AM an Elder Scrolls veteran all the way back to Daggerfall

  • PS34lyfe

    I love how the people that say this kind of thing is unwarranted are the people that have played it on another system already. “Oh, we finished that months ago, its no big deal now, quit whining”

  • Tboswell

    If they just said its never coming out for ps3 I’d get over it. But to keep fans of the game in limbo is just bad business and will more than likely cost Bethesda customers in the future. Anyone that’s saying they’re going to trade in their ps3 for an Xbox is retarded. Go do it dumb a**. They’ll be the same ones crying though when the last of aid comes out and never makes an appearance on the Xbox. Maybe they’ll threaten naughty dog to trade in their Xbox for a ps3 if they don’t multi platform the game….. Idiots…..

  • Tboswell

    You couldn’t give me an Xbox. Or maybe you could, I’d just sell it or trade it in for in-store credit. 8)

  • will

    i didnt read all that same boring stuff why dont you tell us all that something good is coming couse i just dont see it and iam sure it dont take this dang long to fix the problem only thing that ther doing is stalling or just ant giving it to us

  • Fairplayer

    Another discussion suggesting the possibility of switching from PS3 to XBox? Why would anybody want to do that? If I’d ever consider to switch to another platform, then I’d rather choose for the PC version. Judging the YouTube footage I’ve come across so far, it seems as if the PC qualitywise is a step forward (instead of taking a step back to the XBox). And next to that: I already have a PC, so I don’t need to purchase another console just to be able to play Skyrim DLC after all.

  • Shaun Spragans

    It’s just stupidity to go and buy a new console just 4 1 dlc and I feel hearthfire is more of a update than a dlc and that it’s just bethesda’s way 2 get more money and any other dlc should be exclusive or if it’s 1 of the other 3 a package only costing 20-30 dollars

  • Elliott

    Who cares anymore? I won’t be buying any future bethesda games from these xbox fanbois

  • Elliott

    I have both consoles and never use my xbox. It’s a piece of junk that collects dust and has nothing worth playing unless you’re obsessed with halo. PS3 is much better!

  • trevor

    I owned both systems…..but whenever I played a game I always went with my Xbox. Live is so much better than Sony’s online b.s. I only used my ps3 for blue rays. So I sold the ps3 and bought a home theater system with blue ray player.