Another Black Ops 2 Easter Egg located in Meltdown

As gamers continue to explore the world of Black Ops 2 more Easter Eggs are being discovered and highlighted in YouTube videos, and the latest was found in the Meltdown multiplayer map. The recent find will be familiar with fans of the Simpsons, as it seems players have uncovered Homer’s workplace at the nuclear power plant.

If you look closely at the desk, you can see some donuts and a hardhat that resemble the popular character’s workstation from the animated series. Highlighting this recent discovery Examiner show a slideshow of images in connection to this, and those wanting to see the footage of the Simpson’s Easter Egg can watch the embedded video below. In addition, last week we spoke about other finds, and those expecting to find these hidden treasures may need to go out of your way to get them.

Looking at the visual roundup of Black Ops 2 Easter Eggs, we show a couple of videos dedicated to the reported discoveries, although we mention that this contains spoilers for those of you who want to find these for yourselves. Everything from tributes to internet memes to teddy bears and the odd movie reference can be found if you look hard enough, and one of the videos shows a player shooting hoops in the Raid map. Another shows the opportunity to find the hidden Thor hammer in a cave and this is accessible in the single player campaign.

Apparently, there is a whole host of easter eggs to be unveiled in the Transit Mode, and those looking for these have been informed that you are less likely to come across them if you take regular trips on the bus, as plenty can be discovered on your journey between stations. In other Black Ops 2 news, yesterday we spoke about the recently released update for Xbox 360 owners, when this download went live, although we are unable to let our readers in on the patch notes, because they are unavailable. The patch is expected to deal with a number of issues encountered within Black Ops 2 and this should deal with problems like the Theater Mode error and Scorestreak glitches.

We are under the impression that this update will not fix all the problems, as some have been discussed during the early part of this week, so we are interested to know what other issues are in desperate need of attention.