Black Ops 2 popularity wanes

Recent news of a drop in sales for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 gives us reason to believe the popularity surrounding this game and the series is starting to diminish, as sales are down 20 per cent year-on-year in comparison to CoD’s Modern Warfare 3. The latest figures reveal that even though Black Ops 2 was one of this terms most eagerly awaited titles, the amount sold shows this game is suffering in regards to its predecessors.

This mainly concerns the UK market and it is worth noting that the industry itself has suffered a 28.7 per cent year-on-year sales decrease. In an article on Trusted Reviews, they talk about the Call of Duty series becoming the world’s largest gaming franchise, although questions have been raised amounting to CoD games getting stagnant over time. A decline in popularity could be down to the constant requirement of gamers needing entertainment that doesn’t revolve around the same type of title producing a similar product year in year out.

Maybe boredom is starting to set in with this genre, and some gamers feel that a change is as good as a rest for this franchise, with more time being spent between installments researching what fans want to experience. Some CoD enthusiast may disagree with the franchise being in decline classing Black Ops 2 as a successful addition to the series, so we are interested to know whether you want to see another sequel to the latest edition.

In other Black Ops 2 news, highlights the PC patch that increases the field of view as well as fixed issues with disappearing horses. The limited FOV on the PC has received many complaints and this look set to increase to 90, from 80. In addition, other crashes and improved matchmaking has been addressed, and details of these have been listed on their site.

Our previous post centered on the Xbox version, which has recently received an update and this was aimed at fixing issues with a Theater Mode error as well as Scorestreak glitches. However, we do mention that other problems discussed over the last week may require another patch, as Treyarch are now aware of a Care Package glitch. Returning to the original subject, do you feel the CoD franchise is starting to become tiresome? On the other hand, maybe Treyarch will continue enhancing these titles, more so, when the next gen gaming arrives, so what improvements would you like to see in future CoD titles?

  • Michael Fraser

    The fact is a lot of people with perfect connections aren’t getting what they paid for. The top cod players throughout all the cod games are having trouble with this game and are also complaining. I love the cods so i’m no “hater” but this cod is the worst yet. I have a great connection and the amount of times i’ve been killed through connection. (Dying without hit markers, dying off 1-2 bullets, dying without even been hit ( i watched the killcam). The hit boxes are lies.. and many more) Another problem would be dying through objects that in reality would just be impossible. You can be hit through mountain sides, huge metal for example bullets traveling through x2 cargo crates, buildings/concrete and so on. YES bullets CAN go through many things but they can not travel through 5-15 meters of rock! They also cannot travel through 4foot x2 of concrete! And so on! Seriously its stupid. I was doing some tests and you can be shot through the edges of mountains BUT you cannot fire through HAYSTACKS!! This game has been clearly rushed! Another thing is that the guns are completely messed up. The damage from guns is all over the place. The sub-machine guns and pistols on this are far to powerful! The spawns aren’t to bad in my opinion but there has been a few times i’ve thought this is ridiculous! The score streak replacing the kill streaks is a HUGE mistake!! The new 10 point system is another mistake. BUT the WORST thing about Black Ops 2 is the MAPS! They’re getting worse. In my opinion the only map good on this game is Raid. They have some sick ideas for maps, it’s just the layout of them are all wrong. They need to keep it simple instead of adding all these sneaky shortcuts around the edges of the maps and putting loads of objects all over the place over crowding the place and so on. The maps are also to small. Cod 4 and MW3 had many great maps. (Tends to be the original maps) Black ops had 2 or 3 good maps. And MW2 has the win with the best MAPS throughout all the cods. The original MW2 maps are of all sizes, mainly medium sized. Their big and open, their simple, their lovely for any game type you play. Either it be rushing, sniping, holding areas in a team. Its great game play and so much fun. Black Ops 2 doesn’t have any of this. Its messed up, unenjoyable and frustrating. It’s not that i don’t like change or that i’m hating on cod because i’m not, that’s stupid. I love these games but its safe to say i’m going back to MW3 and trading Black Ops 2 in. We’ve even had an update now and nothings changed. Everyone i know feels the same and is also trading Black Ops 2 back in to go back to MW3. Others are even heading over to Halo 4.