GTA 5 UK price war begins, Tesco draws first blood

While we wait for news on a release date on next years highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto V it seems a retail price war has begun already in the UK. With Tesco drawing first blood revealing enticing offers that are sure to get other competitors in on the action. This could bring out more bargains from the likes of Asda, Sainsburys, Amazon and, as this kind of competitive response has been apparent with other big titles.

Rockstar’s next main installment has accumulated plenty of interest lately with new details recently being revealed and the long-awaited second trailer, so early news of a price war prior to an official release date may be a bit premature. Highlighting the new offer made by Tesco, CVG report on the opportunity to apply for a coupon code, which will reduce the price of the £39.99 game by £10 if you can find a cheap item to take the offer past the minimum of £40 in order for the code to work.

The minimum of £40 has to be met to obtain this great offer, and multiple outlets are now inviting customers to reserve their copy of GTA 5, however, Tesco’s online store is currently the cheapest at £30. Details of the steps required to achieve this bargain are documented through a link on the CVG website, and they also mention that the price is guaranteed, and further drops will prompt Tesco to refund the difference, so we suggest gamers act quickly as we cannot see this offer staying valid for a long period of time.

In other GTA V news, only yesterday, we spoke about how Rockstar are focusing on a solid single player game, and that less attention has been paid to other elements like a decent co-op, although they feel they have provided elements in the multiplayer that will be enjoyable for gamers. Vice President, Dan Houser has also commented on the slight chance you may run into one or more characters from previous Grand Theft Auto games, although there are bound to be limitations considering most of the past cast members have been killed off.

Apparently, a few guest appearances may involve going out of your way to find them, but we are still in the dark about whom we may come across. Prior to this, we discussed the GTA 5 game length and ending, which is set to contain multiple conclusions, yet the length is smaller than the last Grand Theft Auto title. We are under the impression the main story will be similar in size to Red Dead Redemption, and although some gamers got bored with the length of GTA IV, a longer story is still something fans want. In relation to the aforementioned Tesco offer, will this be the avenue you go down to pre-order your copy of Grand Theft Auto 5? Or are you considering other offers, which may be even more enticing?

Update: All you need to do is look for something really cheap to add to your basket to take you over £40 and then you will be able to apply the £10 off voucher.

  • surprise

    £30 for a new game? that’s… actually pretty good

  • Ollie Box Beef-Tech

    I just looked at the tescos website and it states the release date is 12/03/2013!! I’m more interested in that than the price

  • MyFX

    Just looked on the Tesco site and its £39.99

  • Drunk On Drank UK

    When I pre-ordered my copy from GAME, I was told that they are expecting it to come out in March. I’ve reserved it for £5, don’t really care how much it costs because I’ve been waiting for such a long time. Only bought the PS3 in 2008 to play GTA 4.

  • lol

    fap fap fap fap