Wii U stock availability for UK midnight launch

Recent news concerning low stocks of the Nintendo Wii U console in the UK has given many gamers reason to shop around to see where it is still available, although retail chain HMV claims they have accumulated ‘extra stock’ for their midnight launch at their Oxford Street outlet. This is welcome news for those who were wondering if the would need to pre-order this new system, as the London branch will also have an offer for the first 100 in the queue.

Those who still have not managed to get round to pre-ordering the new Nintendo Wii U will be glad to know that HMV has secured extra stock for this launch night. The first hundred attending will be given a free copy of New Super Mario Bros. U. Reporting this, CVG also mention the following hundred in the queue will be handed a £5 HMV voucher for all Wii U hardware and software, and additional prizes shall be given throughout this event with 500 Wii U goodie bags to be won.

Furthermore, gamers will also get the chance to experience the likes of ZombiU and Nintendo Land, with HMV setting up demo pods for players to try them out. The official Wii U launch event starts at 11pm on Thursday, November 29 at their Oxford Street branch and HMV are excited to be hosting this. We are under the impression Nintendo has plans to top-up the stock frequently, as the UK will not be seeing the same stock that has been delivered to the US, giving us cause to wonder if HMV’s recent boost of this could be coming via the US.

In an article on Time.com, they mention the lack of substance involved with a new Wii U console regarding the launch of this console as a messy debut considering a massive update is required to be downloaded to obtain all the features that Nintendo has been boasting about prior to its launch date. This will have to be done once the new system is setup to receive the likes of Miiverse, eShop and Netflix, and once this has been installed, there are still some other promised extras missing in action such as Nintendo’s interactive live TV service.

In other less positive Wii U news, our post on over estimated port concerns talks about a few developers worrying about the porting aspect, considering the slow computer involved in Nintendo’s new console. A small amount of devs have branded the Wii U CPU as slow and in some cases horrible, however there are only a few reports of this, and if blockbuster titles like Assassin’s Creed 3 and Black Ops 2 can make this transition we feel this could be a slight over-reaction.

Yesterday we spoke about the top devices on children’s Christmas lists, and although we expected the Wii U to be sitting on the top it seems like the majority of kids are looking forward to an iPad this year. Statistics conducted in a survey of 6-12 year olds show the Wii U console featured second on the list of most wanted gifts and the iPad was also top of the survey of 13 years an upwards. Are you more interested in getting the Wii U console for Christmas or do you have your sights set on the new mini iPad?