Black Ops 2 visual weapons review

YouTube is the ideal place to get answers to all your Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 queries and uploaded videos are great for everything from walkthroughs and tips to a visual aspect of gameplay and weapons on offer. As we look at the primary weapons, we have also viewed the best multiplayer guns and options to build a new wonder weapon within the zombie’s gameplay.

One video takes us through every primary weapon on offer and in this, they discuss how this title is more SMG friendly and personal recommendations are made for individual weapons. Another shows us the best multiplayer gun and in this you get the impression the Submachine Guns are more useful than they were in the previous game, classing them as more prominent this time around.

The SMGs are ideal for the smaller maps as they are better for quick precision and steady aim was a preferred way to play, so recommendations point towards the use of the default submachine class. In another video, gamers get the opportunity to check out how to build and use a new gun regarded as a wonder weapon. This insightful footage explains the process taken to achieve this with a systematic guide to obtain the items required.

In other Black Ops 2 news, our most recent post spoke about popularity waning for this installment, and whether gamers are starting to lose interest with CoD titles in general. News of a drop in sales has given us reason to believe the love for the series is starting to diminish and we are concerned whether gamers are under the impression these titles are now becoming stagnant. In addition, our previous post informed Xbox gamers about the Black Ops 2 update that is expected to clear up issues with the Theater Mode error and Scorestreak glitches.

We also highlighted and praised Okan Kaya and his marathon Black Ops 2 run setting a world record clocking up 135 hours playing the game, and by the look of him, this title probably hasn’t been contemplated since his achievement. With that in mind, we are interested to know if a grueling and lengthy session be enough to ruin your Black Ops 2 experience?