Longer GTA V story needed, but not repetitive

We recently discussed the length of the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V game adding to reports that it will not be as long as its predecessor, with suggestions that it will be similar in size to Red Dead Redemption. From the reactions of fans, we get the impression the length of the last game was not the issue, it was the repetitiveness that surrounded the missions.

GTA 5 is expected to have plenty of secondary things for players to do, which will add more time to the game, however some feel that learning from the mistakes in the previous Grand Theft Auto titles they should concentrate on making the missions less repetitive. There is a notion that many gamers did not get through the last game because the story wasn’t captivating enough, but we can’t help feeling that this has caused Rockstar to shorten the next installment focusing on the content.

The introduction of three protagonists has given reason to expect a longer story, although the three characters will help in regards to the repetitive missions we have come accustom to. If there is plenty to be getting on with in a free roam aspect, the length of the story may not be an issue and the reports about multiple endings have accumulated a lot of interest.

Another aspect of the game that is worth discussing is the GTA V map and how big this will actually be, although not too much has been divulged on this. Apparently, the map will be the largest GTA game map that means it will be bigger that San Andreas at 13.9 square miles or 36 km, and this is documented on iGTA5.com. The Grand Theft Auto 5 world is said to be bigger than GTA IV, Red Dead Redemption, and San Andreas combined, with more room to spare, although we are wondering whether this could mean gamers could end up stranded in a baron land without any form of transport on offer, therefore taking a tedious amount of time running back to civilization.

iGTA5.com also report on leaked GTA 5 maps and what gives them the impression they are fakes, additionally out last post spoke about a UK price war starting with Tesco being the first to draw blood. At the moment, Tesco seem to be offering the best value, although we can see some competition to come from the likes of Asda, Sainsburys, Play.com and Amazon, because this kind of response has been witnessed with other big titles. Do you think Rockstar will add to the longevity of the Grand Theft Auto V story with added DLC?

  • curious

    why are there no female article writers for GTA 5?

    • jeph

      what difference does it make?

    • http://www.facebook.com/martymattchant Matt Marchant

      Because maybe they don’t want to write the articles? Considering GTA is very much aimed at a male audience?

      • Dawid Bartel

        wrong, wrong, wrong…is porn only for males too? I think not.

        • Oldschool1987

          So you’re saying JUST as many women play GTA as men? LOL! I wonder where you get your “facts” from.

          • Dawid Bartel

            You are ridiculous, when did I say “JUST as many women play GTA as men”
            You’re obviously a troll…

          • Oldschool1987

            So because I point out the ridiculousness of your comment I’m automatic a troll? Yeah, OK kid.

          • Dawid Bartel

            Who you calling a kid? Look at your comments jesus…
            the only thing that is ridiculous is you. Think before posting…

          • Oldschool1987

            Jesus kid, calm down. I cba getting into a keyboard warrior slugging match with a child so I’ll leave you to it.

          • Dawid Bartel

            I said that GTA is NOT only aimed at men you moron..

    • Oldschool1987

      Because they are making the men dinners.

      • NewSchool2013

        Sexist pig.

  • potred

    what is gta?

    • GTA

      gta is what made you see this article.!!!So either you are completely dumb or a stupid trying to be smart…

      • lol

        You CLEARLY Fail at sarcasm & so do the 14 pricks who liked your comment

        • Dawid Bartel

          he also fails to spot a troll. A key factor in survival on the internet.

        • Oldschool1987

          Funny seeing kids call people pricks online as they hide behind their computer screen.

  • potta

    why woukd it need a longer story than gta 4 it was like 30-40 hours long with secondary missions so i think it was nice just add some more todo and it would be awesome

  • Matthew Trent

    I’ve been hearing some rumours that DLCs planned for Grand Theft Auto V will include expansions to the map itself, as in DLCs releasing Las Venturas and San Fierro. Wouldn’t that be interesting?

  • paulin

    when it release

    • Spring 2013

      Spring 2013

  • JBoyles

    It would be cool to see CJ and the Grove Street gang in the DLC…

  • shadowhedgehogz

    As long as each character has about 30 missions each that take at minimum 5 minutes to complete, i don’t see it as a problem. Since there will be minigames etc.. this will add more time.

    I’m most interested in the PC version and i am hooping it’s much more fun than IV online, V needs to have total freeroam modes with 50+ players in servers, custom game modes etc.. like San Andreas Multiplayer mod has, SAMP attracts a lot more people and is much more fun than R*’s multiplayer offering in V.

    Let’s hope the game is much more like San Andreas and not V this time with it’s over the top realism. Like in SA you can stand on moving cars, in SAMP this lets you have like 2-3 players on top of a car while one drives you to kill other players.

    In all i hope R get the multiplayer right this time, it has so much potential on PC.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004058445263 Justin Young

    Just make GTA V like San Andreas as much as possible Rockstar then we’ll all be satisfied a whole lot.


    Just make sure that GTA V is like San Andreas as much as possible Rockstar then we’ll all be satisfied a whole lot.

  • Rookie

    Well who cares about the missions anyway. The gameplay is most likely longer than GTA:SA and GTA IV since we have 3protagonists and bigger,more detailed map.GTA IV and GTA:SA can provide us 100-200hours of fun with all the side missions and roaming already. But of course, we want epic missions like GTA:SA missions such as skyfalling,car racing,lowriding,taking gangs territories and many other more.

    • Dawid Bartel

      you are going to play the sotries of three protagonists in one go, in the first place so what difference does it make?

  • BIG O

    I pray to God that they make a Grove Street DLC.

  • http://twitter.com/TalkToHeaney John Ellis Heaney

    If you get stranded in the middle of nowhere then just change characters…

  • http://www.facebook.com/mark.parton.3 Mark Parton

    What’s the big problem!? The game looks massive and that’s all that really matters really!! And I normally spend my time playing around in the game world and having fun exploring and getting chased by police,so even if the missions are less it doesn’t matter!

    • Dawid Bartel


  • http://deptofgrievances.blogspot.com/ Justin Jump

    BARON land? Sweet fancy Moses.

  • Meg the advisory

    Stranded in desert?. Simple! Use vehicle Cheats!!!

    • Dawid Bartel

      lol, would be funny walking all the way back if your vechicle blows up…nah it wouldnt come to think of it

  • Tyler

    I agree 100% with this article. I am very worried about this because I have been waiting for this game for many many years and I don’t want the single player campaign to be short. I want this to be the longest GTA ever. I really do not care about multiplayer at all. I love the GTA games & other games for its fantastic single player Stories, Characters and Environments . When I play them I never want to stop. I just wish there was a way to contact Rockstar and convince them to lengthen the Single Player Campaign. I anyone reads this and has the means to contact them please address this issue!!!

    PS I am really not much of a social media type of person. I don’t really use my Facebook ever but I think this topic should be discussed more about this game. Hopefully this article and with peoples help will get this topic in the sight of Rockstar and like I said before this issue is what I fear the most about GTA 5 that & the music I Hate the modern music Please add lots of 70’s 80’s and 90’s Music but from what I have seen of trailer #2 I am pleased so far. Skeletons Is an awesome track.

  • John

    Looks awesome

  • UnknownUser28

    First off, why are these idiots talking about length like they know it when the game is not even finished yet.

    • Dawid Bartel

      They said they are “polishing it”..so the story is pretty much finished.

      • UnknownUser28

        That could mean anything.

        • Oldschool1987

          No it means what they said it means. The game itself is complete, they have stated this but due to the extreme size of the game its going to need a few months to polish up. The game is out within 5-6 months, that isn’t much time to add new missions and get the motion capture for those missions cut scenes and then also polish those missions to make them as smooth as possible. Not to mention the time it takes for the game to go through testing to get it’s gold certificate.

          • Dawid Bartel

            Thank you, we agree on something FOR ONCE.

    • Oldschool1987

      Funny seeing an idiot call people who know what they’re talking about idiots.

      • Dawid Bartel

        Your answer to that guy and me are colliding. THINK BEFORE YOU POST

        • Oldschool1987

          Whatever kid.

          • Dawid Bartel

            there you go.

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