Xbox 720 capabilities comes into question

When we think about the capabilities of the new so called Xbox 720 it’s worth contemplating what restrictions it will have, and questions about whether is will support 4K resolution in both games and movies have been asked. Apparently the PlayStation 4 will be able to do both this and 3D gaming at 60fps, so we are intrigued to know if Microsoft’s upcoming model will have similar abilities.

Going by rumors this doesn’t seem to be the case and as far as Ultra HD or 4K HD we expect this will be the next standard in TV resolution, although the TV sets are rather expensive at the moment, so we wonder whether the Xbox 720 will support 4K resolution in games. In an article on Info Barrel, they not only question whether Microsoft’s new console will be able to do this, but wonder if this can be done without breaking the system. They mention how the current Xbox 360 had the capability to support HD gaming as well as standard definition when it first come out, but was unable to do 3D gaming, however it eventually supported 3D gaming just like the PS3, so what can we expect form the new Xbox 720?

By looking at the reaction by the gaming community some feel that this will probably concern movies but cannot see this in gaming just yet, especially considering the initial price of 4K resolution TV’s, which are rather expensive. Many are under the impression that movies are a possibility, but when it comes to gaming that is an entirely different league. In other Xbox 720 news, our most recent post spoke about an alternative to the new console on a budget with rumors about Microsoft developing an entertainment set-top box much similar to the Apple TV concept.

This will involve streamed access to core entertainment services, which will be ideal for the casual gamer and a cheaper alternative to the next gen console. We are under the impression this will run on the core components of Windows, although this will not contain options to access full Xbox titles. This aims to provide near-instant access to TV and movies and this could be incorporated into a licensed Xbox TV, but many gamers would be more concerned with an all-in-one system to take up less storage space.

In addition, our previous post mentioned how Xbox 720 may dictate PS4 hardware, as we reported rumors that the PlayStation 4 console will probably have 4GB of memory, yet this could end up as 8GB depending on what the Xbox 720 is offering. What do you think about the capabilities of the next gen consoles?

  • Cloud Strife

    What rubbish this article is.

    Not even the most powerful gaming PC with dual GTX 690 graphics cards could render a modern game at 4000P at 60 fps, so the idea of a £400 console being able to do it is laughable.

    No one is suggesting the new consoles will be able to do this, and no one is expecting it.

    • BoyHitsTroll

      Yeah. I also laugh at how they act like 3d gaming is a good thing. To hell with 3d.

  • buddhistrobot

    We don’t even know the specs for the next generation console, so how can they be called into question durp