Black Ops 2 on Wii U Vs. PS3. Vs Xbox 360 visual showdown

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 has already had a decent reception on both PS3 and Xbox 360 with debates about which one looks better, therefore, throwing the new Wii U version into the mix we have high expectations concerning the capabilities and performance of this console. The GamePad feature on Nintendo’s new system should add a refreshing enhancement to this title, but we are interested in the thoughts of Black Ops 2 visually in regards to the various platforms.

The notion that the Wii U console should utilize this game and perform better than the Xbox version is down to the impression this is an enhanced 360 ported to Nintendo’s new system, and this should be an easy task, but Eurogamer feel that we are looking at exactly the same presentation, with more similarities than first expected. With the same 880×720 native resolution, as well as sharp upscaling filter they compare all platforms donning the game, and remarkable close comparisons are made concerning the image quality on the Xbox 360.

Those with the PC version will notice this platform shows Black Ops 2 in the best light with the Wii U and the Xbox level pegging, and the PS3 lagging behind. However, the Wii U seems to fall short when it comes to performance as the Xbox 360 seems to be more dominant in comparison to the other two consoles and the PS3 comes second. With the two seasoned consoles they seem more superior as far as gameplay is concerned, although the Wii U matches the PS3 in a range of gameplay scenes.

Overall, they feel the Wii U version matches the Xbox 360 visually but falls short in terms of performance and this is a priority with CoD games. The PS3 edition seems smoother, yet the noticeable difference shows that Treyarch have had years to optimize their titles for both existing consoles, with the Wii U having a relatively short space of time. Some may suggest that games made for a specific hardware will rarely run as good as one it was built for.

This may give some gamers who have contemplated getting the new Wii U reason to believe the next gen consoles will far more superior to all of the existing ones. In other Black Ops 2 news, our previous post spoke about the varied weapons on offer and we highlighted some YouTube footage of the primary weapons, the best multiplayer guns and a new wonder weapon that can be built within the zombie’s gameplay.

In addition, we also documented a drop in sales as Black Ops 2 popularity wanes, and we discussed how some gamers might feel that the CoD franchise can do with a break. It’s easy to see how popular this genre of gaming has become and both Black Ops titles have been well received, but there is a concern that the series is starting to be less inclined to achieve the constant requirement of entertainment every year. Are you now interested in what CoD games will be like on the next gen consoles?

  • James1811

    Don’t think the CoD series will go on a break seeing that it makes turnover £1,000,000,000+ a year in revenue. If the franchise is too progress; they need to secure the Unreal4 engine licence as a platform and continue to innovate on a substantial scale.

    • Edward Richtofen

      I’m perfectly happy with the current direction of the game engine, the graphics are properly pushing the current console tech.
      As for innovation, I’ve learned to ignore the IW games, 3arc is just much better – WaW brought zombies, Black Ops brought theatre, Black Ops 2 brought live steaming and eight player zombies! CoD 4 made perks.. That’s all that can be said for the IW side of things.

      • Patrick Tang

        im starting to agree. IW used to be the holy grail as well..CODMW3 is a let down..and i love limbs coming off people in blackops1…

      • James1811

        Agree about IW but regarding the engine; it’s not just about graphics – its the basis for an entire game and as we’ve seen in all the CoD’s since CoD 4; they have many issues such as lag, hackers and server reliability. This is due to the technology being stretched since its 2005 birth. For the franchise to progress into the next generation and to support future growth; a new engine is a necessity.

        Treyarch continue to innovate but are blighted by the existing engine capacity and limitations. To ensure the series is viable for the foreseeable; this has to be addressed and Activision are already negotiating exclusivity with Epic for this reason.

      • Joey jo jo shabadoo

        IW pioneered the cod franchise, starting with the WW2 games and then taking a gamble – making the jump to modern warfare, which really got the cod ball rolling. Zombies/theatre/live streaming…kudos to 3arc, working with an engine they know like the back of their hand plus a substantial bankroll from activision (mainly thanks to IW). 3arc games prior to black ops were mediocre at best, did you ever play cod 3?

        • James1811

          IW back then with West/Zampella made Call of Duty what it is today. IW now is depleted with new staff and all the original members departed after the sacking of its founders. The IW team combined with Raven and Sledgegammer who made the mediocre MW3 consist of completely new personnel which reflected how dated, characterless and bland MW3 was as they recycled the fine work created by the old Infinity Ward and tried to scramble a game together to satisfy Actvision and their shareholders.

          Treyarch are now the face of CoD; proven and have vast experience. IW are now faceless and worthless so don’t let the studio name confuse you as it doesn’t reflect who they are today.

  • treyarchHatesPS3Users

    Failed to mention that it barely works on PS3. Still tons of crashing/freezing issues and is unplayable for fat PS3 owners. 1/10 on PS3.

    • Shane Killen

      Maybe time to lose some weight then?

    • MarkG

      Works flawlessly on my PS3. All the hurt Xbox fanboys are upset as the XBox got the poor port this time around and are making stuff up to make themselves feel better.

      • James1811

        That isn’t technically true is it though? That’s what Treyarch have said themselves anyway. I have it on PS3 and it’s consistently..inconsistent! Xbox version seems much fluent from a technical perspective and David Vonderhaar has recognised this.