PS Vita failure blamed on iPad and Android apps

The evolution of competitive devices is starting to become apparent, so much so the future of the PlayStation Vita is concerning, with the failure of this handheld being blamed on iPad and Android apps among others. There’s no denying the PS Vita is a cool gaming device, but other avenues have also been producing some great approachable applications on other platforms, giving us cause to question how Sony’s handheld will fair as technology increases throughout the gaming world.

We are under the impression that the PS Vita is not fairing too well in Japan, in fact, it seems to be dying in this territory, and this could have a knock on effect in other countries. Highlighting the Vita’s poor reception Forbes report on how the PSP has sold 14 million units in Japan with 17m in the US, but the performance of the Vita has been questioned in Japan because the unit volume was a shocking 4,021 by the week ending on the 11th of November. The PSP sold 12,000 units during the same week, so the Vita has failed to dislodge the old one, which wasn’t forecasted.

With the Nintendo 3DS moving 186’000 units during the week, we get an overall perspective of the state of play, especially when you look at how Sony is doing. The PS3 is now regarded as an ancient device and the PS Vita is about to be knocked out of the portable console market, although Nintendo portable situation is also finding competition from the threat of mobile apps. While Apple’s iPad application market is coming on leaps and bounds with more sophisticated titles like “Clash of Clans” and “The Room” which are showing signs of console quality. In addition, Google has eventually started solving its app market problems and Android app revenue is rising rapidly.

In other PS Vita news, those who have experienced a bug issue with the firmware 2.00 should expect a 2.01 update shortly, and this is down to problems found causing the save upload functionality to fail. Our recent post highlighted the latest issue and how quick Sony have been in response informing gamers they are working on a new update to rectify this problem. Back in August, we mentioned the possibility of a Holiday Season price cut, and discussed how this won’t be expected back then, as Sony already explained this would not be happening anytime soon.

We were under the impression that they were working on a way to reduce prices but we were not given a timeline, although we made suggestions on certain ways this handheld would be more approachable with ideas of attractive bundles, cheaper memory cards and bargains that involve the PS3. Do you feel this time of the year would be the ideal situation for Sony to make some decent offers to accumulate more custom?

  • Thomas McBrearty

    I really do not see how the PS Vita is failure; frankly if the Vita isn’t doing to well, then I blame it on media and press. Time and time again I see silly articles saying “Vita won’t do well” or ” PS Vita is a failure” and yet half of them know absolutely nothing on the matter, just because there aren’t a great deal of titles available at the moment. People have to consider that the Vita has a full catalog of both ‘PlayStation One games’ and ‘PlayStation Portable games’ so I think its far from weak…

    Another complaint which I find laughable is the non-stop comparisons with the 3DS. Articles rave on about how the 3DS sells more and that it has more games, well perhaps the half-whited people publishing these articles need to realize that the 3DS has been out longer than the PlayStation Vita (Hence forth more games and sales..).

    There will be more Vita titles in the future, impatient gamers just need to wait for the year to pass before moaning like children.

    • Ruby Lennox

      Quote for truth.

      Sure the PSVita isn’t doing well sales wise, but it’s far from a failure. Atleast it’s safe to say the millions of people out there who own a PSVita are satisfied and enjoying their experience.

      • jimmy chaudhary

        Psvita is not going to fail,new updates like PS + and other ps1 games compatibility is going to boost its sales.

        The matter of fact is people are so obsessed with apple product they are not knowing what is “ps vita”. Having 10 yr life span its going to have bright future..

    • Gomario

      The 3ds is doing well not because of the games its doing well because of how better priced it is

  • Jhon

    No. Its not because of iPad or android apps. Whoever made this article doesnt know anything. I n the point of view of my super normal brain unlike the author of this article, the Vita failed because of the memory cards. The memory cards that was thought by an idiot inside SONY. Whoever thought of that idea was a complete moron! Why would they make another type or card? Why are they expensive? Why are they selling PS3’s with “320GB” of memory and still cheaper than a vita that has no memory? Its non sense!

    • Stone Skull

      i don’t think memory cards have much of a bearing on the sales. i think it’s more a lack of awareness of the product.. and that kids drive hype. the future is much brighter for the vita than this article would make you believe. with compatibility between the ps3 and the upcoming ps4, the vita has a long life ahead of it.. at least a life as long as the psp.

      • Vincent

        I know plenty of people that are aware of the Vita, and those memory cards turn them off big time. And as for the parents of the kids, try explaining you have to buy the system for $250, then a minimum $20 memory card, and then have to get a game for $40. They don’t bite on that well.

  • Gideon Waxfarb

    Well, the 3DS doesn’t seem to be doing that badly, despite Android and iOS. So maybe it’s just because the Vita sucks ass? 😛 And I’m sure the mediocre Assassins Creed and Call of Duty (two games that were supposedly going to ‘save the system’) didn’t help either.

    Perhaps if they started releasing some decent games, axed the nee for expensive, proprietary memory cards, and dropped the price about $100 …

    • Ruby Lennox


      “So maybe it’s just because the Vita sucks ass?”

      This sentence alone makes you sound like a child. I’m glad there aren’t people like you in the Vita community.

      • Blox Beeblebrox

        Lol! I think a community has to be more than 4 people :)

        • Jonathon Tsamantanis

          your right millions of people

    • Nicholas Gatewood

      You imbecile, the 3DS is what sucks ass. 240p, LCD displays, a single resistive touchscreen(naturally, the one the player doesn’t focus on), only one circle pad after the PSP’s single greatest flaw was its lack of a second analog input, motion controls work horribly on the 3DS because of the awful viewing angles of LCD and the 3D effect, 3 hours of battery life(the Vita universally gets better battery life), oh, and the Vita is between 15x and 20x as powerful as the 3DS. That’s absurd, and it’s absolutely true.

      Compare that to the Vita with its much higher-resolution, OLED, capacitive touchscreen(960×544 vs 400×240) and rear touchpad, two glorious tiltable analog sticks, OLED works perfectly with motion controls due to near-perfect viewing angles, it has better battery life, a WAY better online infrastructure in the form of PSN and it’s much, much, MUCH more powerful.

      Hell, let’s compare the 3DS to the PSP: the PSP has a way better library, its screen is higher-resolution than the 3DS’ top screen, the control inputs are about on par(that resistive touchscreen is lame, but at least it’s there), they’re about as powerful(with the 3DS being roughly 20% more powerful) and the PSP costs a bunch less. Oh, and it has way better battery life, generally 2+ hours more than the 3DS offers.

      What was that about the vastly superior Vita sucking ass again? You drones are pitiful, this is actually the first generation I’ve chosen not to focus on Nintendo systems because they’re currently extremely mediocre and their exclusive games are disappointing. Some meh third-party games that are limited by the quality of the glorified last-gen consoles, lots of Mario and Pokemon milking. Nintendo milks their franchises worse than Activision or EA, and those two companies come up with more great new IPs than Nintendo. Nintendo shouldn’t just succeed off nostalgia alone, that and lots of marketing are literally the only reason people enable their inferior output. It’s sickening, people like you are the reason modern Nintendo is a shell of their former selves.

      I remember a time when Nintendo actually cared about hardware. Those were the good old days. If they don’t care about their hardware, why the hell should we?

      • sonicfan1373

        Nintendo has made new IPs on the 3DS, especially in terms of digital downloads, and they have resurrected old IPs like Kid Icarus on the 3DS. Also, we are at the point where there is less attention being put on specs alone and more on the experience, which is what companies like Nintendo and other tech companies are going for. Moreover, the less powerful hardware can be justified with the lower price of the system. Also, you are not being objective in your comment, there are a lot people (myself included) that enjoy Nintendo’s exclusives far more than Sony’s exclusive which is why we choose Nintendo consoles, if Nintendo made bad exclusive titles then no one would buy Nintendo systems. Furthermore, Nintendo now has Nintendo Network with the ability to do in game voice chat, video chat, and multiplayer and its online system is coming on par with other systems out there (in fact Nintendo Network on the Wii U is very close to being similar to other online systems with an added social network). Lastly, Nintendo does care about its hardware, Nintendo’s hardware has been shown time and time again to last longer and suffer from lower failure rates than the competition even if it is not as powerful; I would also like to point out that Sony does similar marketing to Nintendo, in fact marketing is only supposed to tell people about your product, so do not blame Nintendo or any other company for succeeding because they are telling others about their products.

      • Stone Skull

        both the atari lynx and the sega gamegear were superior to gameboy. it’s been a common thread throughout the nintendo history.. but at the end of the day it’s about entertainment and nintendo shouldn’t be hated. sony and nintendo don’t hate each other. even sega has no ill will toward either. a lot of the gurus are kids at heart and its the games that are the passion. hate cannot come into it. that is the darkside and leads to darkness. it is quite possible to appreciate nintendo, microsoft, apple, google, sega and sony at the same time. they help create magic in our lives. petty rivalry can be a bum ride.

    • Stone Skull

      call of duty is a real stain, and a real shame..assassin’s creed is pretty good though

  • Iceycold

    For God’s sake, who writes these inane, shitty articles? “We are under the impression….” (stated more than once) does make something NEWS.

    • iceycold

      Wait; it DOESN’T!

  • Vincent

    Because it definitely isnt the non-competitively priced console, overpriced proprietary memory cards, or the fact it launched directly after the holidays in the U.S.. Right?

    • Jonathon Tsamantanis

      It launched in March, but it was not the best launch window Im sure they would have prefered October, to get the hype but make no mistake Vita is amazing

      • Stone Skull

        it’s part of their long-term plan. similarly, the way that it isn’t so important for huge sales in the first year. quality testing by the first users themselves help ensure a problem free console for the masses when they jump aboard. firmware 2.0 is like the real beginning of the possibilities coming. remote play with the ps4 is coming.. even the ps4 itself will involve some remote play from cloud supercomputing.. the expansion port of the vita hasn’t even come into play yet. it’s early days.. i think most of us will be dazzled. it’s often forgotten sony is a real technology pioneer.. the engineers and technicians that work there are way beyond what we know.

  • Jonathon Tsamantanis

    I am glad there people standing up and saying Media stop sensualizig the demise of the Vita, its selling well outside of Japan and will be supported for years to come. Every launch has a bit of a rough period we already heard many times the demise of Nintendo and the 3DS one price cut some new games and everything changed

    • Ted_kazynski

      The 3ds is another nail in the vita’s coffin…….. No support from customers means no support from game devs and that leads to no support from the manufacturer…… It looks like all three are in effect. Its too bad they couldn’t release a great online fps and a great rpg for it on launch. Im not saying i want the vita to fail….. Hell, i want all of the great games i can get, but sony isnt feeding the people who bought it. I felt burned by nintendo for the price drop of the 3ds but sony takes the cake with the “cross platform gaming and controller support.” sony looked like gold diggers with the memory cards and proprietary charging cables….. They had to do an update to the system just to allow usb charging. They didn’t give an inch, the games come with no documentation and the ps store is a little baron of great titles. You can stand up to the media all you want. but truth is you might have the next dreamcast in your pocket…… (well backpack)

      • Jonathon Tsamantanis

        Time will tell but Persona 4 is one of the best RPG’S of the year, and Virtues Last Reward there are many GOOD games out

  • Stone Skull

    sales have increased for both weeks since november 11.. vita’s assassin’s creed has largely been credited for the turn-around. whether the upswing continues will be watched by many eyes..meanwhile 3DS sales are falling.

  • Stone Skull


  • Mike Jones

    The PS Vita’s poor sales have nothing at all to do with any other platform. The problem is simple. If it launched with Pro Evolution Soccer and NBA 2K and maybe a few other big hits, it would have sold off the shelf. Those two titles alone would have caused it to sell out. Many people would have bought it just to play them. Hopefully they don’t make this mistake again, in 2013.

  • Mpjh

    The vita should not be compared to Nintendo both are aimed at differnt markets, you like beef I like pork but we eat at the same table.
    The vita In fact is a very decent piece of kit, sonys big F’up is that it didnt make the psp with duel sticks and trophy support.
    My advice/thought is
    Reduce price/package deals.
    Lose movie playback there is just no point competing at the price they sell films for. Even the browser. (I personally will just nervier use them! “Do you?”
    Must work heavy on online playability that’s an absolute.
    . It’s all about me beating my kids score and my wife’s score and yes YOUR score.
    Unfortunately tho it’s all about price, develop a methonf of getting two devices per household or even open the device so two psn id can be used per device.
    Purely to encourage competiton. Compition is the BiG factor.

    So either cheap console or cheaper games. Sonys choice. But get the device in homes the Applictions will sell. But there needs to be a good reason.
    Take “Tag” for instance I place 300 tags over my own in 12 hours sad I know, but only because there was only two other people so far who only place two tags.

  • Gavain McDonald

    The PS Vita is another chapter in the long story of Sony’s inability to listen to its customers. I still own and use (extensively) my PSP-2001. I still use it to watch movies (especially when I’m travelling) and play games.

    Now Sony brings another awesome device to the market to update its PSP market, but guess what, they forgot that PSP owners have already invested in proprietary Sony products. The proprietary UMD disks and Sony Memory Stick cards used in the PSP (all models) don’t work with the Vita. And even better … all the games I bought for my PSP are useless on the Vita, and there’s no way to transfer them over without buying a new digital copy (if available) from the Playstation Store. That’s crap.

    Even better, the new removable media cards (which you have to buy just to use the device – add another $50 to the purchase price for that … thanks Sony) are a NEW proprietary card. Why not just use the old MS Duo cards that we already purchased for our PSPs?

    I get it about the system specs, and they sound awesome: beautiful 5″ screen, dual analog sticks, touch screen, and on and on. However, I don’t want the Vita for casual gaming … I already have a smart phone. The Vita should be marketing on it’s superior gaming experience with immersive games like the God of War franchise, or Final Fantasy. It can do what Android/Apple devices can’t in that regard … and that should be the selling point.

    To date, the Vita still can’t do video out like my PSP-2001 does. Why? If it was a selling point for the last generation, why not include it in the new generation right from the launch?

    The Vita looks like an awesome device, but Sony forgot the one constituency that really matters when they brought it to market … their existing user base. PS3 owners aren’t your target market out of the shoot, PSP owners are. They are looking for the even better gaming experience, but aren’t going to shell out $500 for a handheld and all its accessories only to re-buy all their favorite games from the last PS handheld.

    This was a big whiff for Sony, but was to be expected. Sony makes great products, but they are morons when it comes to anticipating their customers’ wants and needs. Apple is ingenious at that game and makes people want the new versions of their products even though they still have years of use left in their old ones. Every update to the Apple line recognizes that owners want to take their content with them. Sony has never recognized this. Every generation brings new proprietary memory and video formats. That’s no way to keep customers.

    If Sony had been paying attention, they would have enabled users to register their games through the Playstation Network/Store so that the UMD was tied to that user, and then they could have downloaded the Vita-friendly version for their new device. If I can’t take the couple hundred dollars worth of content from PSP to Vita, I’ll just stick with my PSP. It’s awesome. The Vita may be better, but it has to respect my desire to not purchase all the stuff I already own again.

    The new control interfaces, analog stick, and touch screen aren’t enough to get me to part with that much cash. Heck, you could buy a brand new PS3 for less that it will cost to get the PS Vita up to snuff with your old PSP setup.

  • VIPLightning

    One thing I despise is how people after moved on to the next handheld gaming system or any other console and then sell their PSPs, they all of a sudden want to say bad stuff about how PSPs got crappy quality “this and that.”(Some immature high schooler told me that) That’s just like some spoiled brat getting the newest generation ipad for christmas because he has nothing else to do but stay inside and play video games and all of a sudden he says “this iPad sucks.” And now I find an article like this ranting on about how much of a failure a ps vita is when it seems like this person hasn’t even owned a ps vita and this article lacks detail of how much of a failure it is. And now moving on to PS3s in which this makes me laugh. *Facepalm* How in the hell is it “regarded as an ancient device?” PS3s aren’t even 20 years old yet. If you want to know what ancient is, go back to the damn PS one generations and tell me now if that’s ancient or not.

  • Guest

    One thing I despise is how people after moved on to the next handheld
    gaming system or any other console and then sell their PSPs, they all of
    a sudden want to say bad stuff about how PSPs got crappy quality “this
    and that.”(Some immature high schooler told me that) That’s just like
    some spoiled brat getting the newest generation ipad for christmas
    because he has nothing else to do but stay inside and play video games
    and all of a sudden he says “this iPad sucks.” And now I find an article
    like this ranting on about how much of a failure a ps vita is when it
    seems like this person hasn’t even owned a ps vita and this article
    lacks detail of how much of a failure it is. And now moving on to PS3s
    in which this makes me laugh. *Facepalm* How in the hell is it “regarded
    as an ancient device?” PS2s aren’t even 20 years old yet. If you want
    to know what ancient is, go back to the damn PS one generations and tell
    me now if that’s ancient or not.

  • Ted_kazynski

    The Vita is a really sleek device… But the games and devices functionality are a little questionable. I owned one and ended up trading it in. I was a little disappointed with the lack of functionality. The competition is pretty tough, a nexus 7 with a ps3 controller is a better option. You can emulate almost any ps1 and n64 titles. Im sorry but the vita seems dead in the water. With very little revenue coming in, i can see sony and the game devs looking elsewhere to make money. I do believe that their will be more then a couple of great games for it, but your money can go further in an android or ios ecosystem. But hey if you bought it and love it, then more power to you.

  • gbhacksforyou

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