Post Cyber Monday Wii U UK release, a missed sales opportunity

With the Nintendo Wii U console going on sale in the US some great deals are on the cards for our lucky cousins across the pond, but this Cyber Monday could have been the ideal chance to spread the wealth of offers in the UK. The Wii U console will not be available until this Friday the 30th of November, so it seems that UK custom has missed out. Many from old blighty and other regions will see this as a missed opportunity to make the most out of this time of the year, especially today as this would have increased sales of their new Wii U console.

Today will see plenty of great deals come out for consumers to take advantage of, and Examiner highlights loads of great bargains available along with Gamestop’s Cyber Monday sale. Those of you contemplating purchases from the Gamestop website will be pleased to know orders of over $25 include free shipping, and even though they are yet to announce the exact items on sale they did confirm Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo 3DS and Wii games are definitely on the list.

Target’s Cyber Monday sale is also said to include hundreds of items on offer with everything from electronics and toys to Nintendo and PlayStation video games. Providing links to the sources Examiner mentions a Kmart sale, which also involves up to 75% off diamond rings, so we expect customers to make the most of these great offers.

In other Wii U news, our most recent post spoke about stock availability for the UK midnight launch, and recent concerns about limited units has given many gamers reason to shop around to see who are still stocking them. Apparently, HMV’s claims that they have accumulated extra stock for their Oxford Street outlet makes this an ideal place to go for those worried about getting their hands on one, and the London branch will also issue a free copy of New Super Mario Bros. U. for the first 100 in the queue.

In addition, the following hundred will be able to get a £5 HMV voucher for all Wii U hardware and software, along with the chance to experience titles such as the highly anticipated ZombiU and Nintendo Land. Will you be seeking out some great bargains today? Alternatively, do you feel that UK gamers have missed an opportunity once again?

  • Simon Toogood

    What the hell has this got to do with Nintendo Wii U??

    Cyber Monday does not include Wii U in the USA.

    Stop posting pointless stories.

    • Shane McKiness

      This is a British website.