Wii U CPU / GPU specs vs PS3 and Xbox 360

The specs involved with Nintendo’s new Wii U have been a closely guarded secret up until now, but a hardware hacker has recently published what seems to be the processor and graphics card specs. This gives us the chance to compare the new system with the older Sony and Microsoft consoles, and get an insight into the main differences.

From what has been reported the Wii U is believed to run at less than half the speed of the ancient Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and the details of this are documented by CVG. Apparently, the Wii U processor carries a clock speed of 1.24 GHz, although the GPU core is said to run at 550 MHz, which is the same as the PS3 and a bit faster than the Xbox. While we wait for confirmation of these specs the Wii hacker known as Marcan may have ended the speculation about what is contained inside the console, however we have heard of one developer describing this system as horrible and slow in regards to difficulties with a Wii U port.

There are concerns about the lifespan of this system, especially when the next gen consoles make an appearance, yet the GPU part sounds good and the features are new innovative ideas that give it an edge. Between now and next gen gaming Nintendo’s new system has the chance to make a name for itself, so we are interested to see if the company come up with a response to this hackers claims, as others have also said this is slower than we expected this late in the evolution of gaming.

Comparing all three systems, last week we mentioned how Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is perceived with a visual showdown of all the consoles, which show that both the Xbox and Wii U are similar in presentation ahead of the PS3. When it comes to performance, the Wii U seems to fall short with the Xbox being more dominant and the Sony console is a close second, with the two ancient systems fairing better as far as gameplay is concerned.

In other Nintendo related news, we recently spoke about the new Wii Mini release adding confusion to shoppers during the holiday period, giving parents a headache when it comes to the amount of Nintendo products on the shelf. As far as we know, the new Wii Mini doesn’t seem to bracing the world market just yet, with Canada, being the only territory to receive it this side of Christmas, and it will not be compatible with GameCube software or accessories. There will also be no WiFi contained and this may be something that modern gamers may not appreciate, so we are intrigued to know if the lack of WiFi and backwards compatibility will cause gamers to lose interest in a product like this.

  • Rinslowe Calrision

    Yet another misleading article regarding the information provided about Wii U = shameful failure, not just plain failure, but shameful, shameful failure…

    Marlon Votta,

    I sincerely hope inentertainment are not paying you for this article because it is completely ridiculous to expect anyone out there to take you seriously.

    For eg. Why have you left out key differentiators like in-order, out order processing…IPC efficiency vs higher clock speeds, etc.. etc.. etc..

    Where are the detailed performance specs of Wii U’s GPU? Are you so dim-witted to believe the clock speeds for the GPU alone determine performance? Or that GPU’s from different era’s and manufacturing technologies & processors are comparable by MHz singularly??? No no no…

    I mean dude where is your own detailed opinion of this information???, because this article is simply a carbon copy of selective parts from other comments and posts, hacked together with a healthy dosage of amateur opinion-ism.

    Where are the facts???

    Let me just state the obvious for GPU performance, graphics will have more potential, more power and more options in terms of, textures, shading and fidelity due to being a newer design on Wii U than current MS and Sony consoles. Plain and Simple!
    Not just to rant on as you have done, rumour has it that the Wii U sports a variation of the AMD Radeon HD 4850… In fact looking at the die size, clock speed and assumed power consumption it looks to be more comparable to AMD’s Mobility Radeon HD 4870 which again was somewhat comparable to the desktop 4850 anyway, with the Mobility Radeon HD 4870 able to achieve 880 GFLOPS, supports Direct X 10.1 and OpenGL 3.3…

    Look at the end of the day, consoles are never (well most likely never) going to overtake PC’s in pure power and performance.Current Gen still has some beautiful looking games despite this fact. I’m quite confident that Wii U visually has much untapped potential over and above what 360 and PS3 can achieve, based on what has been gleaned about the specs. The CPU is an unknown in terms of how well it can perform in real world situations compared to the current competition, but most certainly it will require an earnest approach by developers to know for sure. Talking slower clock speeds doom and gloom is as I have mentioned already at the very least is plain MISLEADING…

    • http://www.facebook.com/russjcollins Russ Collins

      and after all of your long boring waffle its still very apparent that this console is appallingly crap.

      • Rinslowe Calrision

        Typical fanboy nonsense…. Why am I not surprised.

        Try before you lie, pal.

        • RussCollins

          5 months on, there are hardly any games released for the Wii U. All major games reviewers have all concluded that this console although newer, isn’t up to the spec of a PS3 or Xbox 360. So it is now even more apparent 5 months on, that this console is appallingly and jaw droppingly crap.

    • http://www.facebook.com/gregory.edcius Gregory Edcius

      dont bother dude your right these people just hate anything that comes from nintendo

    • johnb

      You had me until “let me just state the obvious for GPU performance” Like the author of the article you didnt give us the precise specs of the GPU, so how would tat be so “obvious”? Stating old rumors and concluding on the die size doesnt give us facts. I have the same opinion as you on the article, but you turned into a fanboy in the second half of your rant. :(

      • Rinslowe Calrision

        Yeah I admit to that lol, actually sometimes it’s worth taking the stand and even though we, as you say don’t have all the variables we do know enough to make certain assumptions… Which by definition makes my rant somewhat part common sense and part fanboy attackism… 😉

        • Rinslowe Calrision

          To add to that, what kind of individuals can we label those that make less than quality assumptions based on incomplete information?
          So I undertake my opinion in a similar fashion but credit me with a bit more gumption based on what we do know…
          And for sure I’m defo in camp Nintendo right now lol…

  • MarZ

    The PS3 of course also uses the 7x SPU’s for GPU work, so it’s ***WAY*** behind what the PS3 is capable of when coded correctly (i.e. Uncharted/Killzone/GT5 etc)

    • baal03

      Wow I guess u can just say whatever in a faceless internet post. I wonder if you would spread such idiocy, if you where in front of people that could see you while u talked. The wii u at launch recieved ports of games that the ps3 and 360 had needed 7 years of time to achieve. The wii u did it in 6 months, mostly with none final dev kits, so of course there will be issues with frame rates.

      This was achieved while adding a second touch capacity screen to the mix, so grow up. I don’t know why you bother spreading negitivity or hating as they say.

      • JohnB

        And they will still be releasing PS3 and 360 Ports when the next gen will come out lol Seriously now, they didnt come out with any games pushing the limits of consoles that were released in 2005. I mean, fine, there are some good ports and all, but other than that, all I see is a console coming 8 years late in term for hardware. Dont get me wrong, they could come out with better, more fun games, but we’re talking about hardware here.

  • Nintendo Fan

    This is horseshit, none of this is true.