Zynga re-negotiates with Facebook, reflects social gaming shift

The relationship between Facebook and Zynga seems to have taken another turn as they re-negotiate a new contract that will make the two companies no longer co-dependant. Five years back the pair entered a contract, which made them reliant on each other for success, however they have now penned a new contract that will give them more flexibility and independence.

A reflection in the way the social aspect of gaming is changing means this area is now spreading its wings from being reliant on social networks with a move towards mobile gaming, and this new contract shows this shift. According to an article on CVG, this will give both companies the opportunity to consider other partners, as Zynga is now free to develop zynga.com without restrictions that tied them to Facebook.

They are under no obligation now to display Facebook ads, although Zynga has also made a guarantee that “no developer will be able to get better when it comes to Facebook related deals.” Some may feel that this leaves Facebook out in the cold, but Zynga has promised to make their games available to the social network site. In relation to the recent news concerning Zynga, CNET report on the assistance of another partner as the company move into claymation.

Fat Pebble is one of five developers getting involved with Zynga to create a new mobile game known as Clay Jam, which apparently launched yesterday. It is apparent that Zynga is moving in the direction of smartphone gaming and this new title is filmed in stop motion animation with crazy clay monsters and balls that roll around squashing the smaller ones while avoiding the bigger ones.

The object of the game is to swipe the screen and navigate the course keeping away from various obstacles, and the monsters you squish accumulate to the size of the ball until you have the opportunity to get the bigger monsters. Do you think this was a decent move for Zynga to take considering the social gaming shift?