New FIFA 13 patch: PS3 1.04 update reignites passion

It’s been a month since the PC and Xbox 360 version of FIFA 13 received its second update, so it’s good news that a new FIFA 13 patch for the PS3 has now become available. There have been a few suggestions that gamers are not that interested in EA’s soccer/football title like they once were, but recent UK sales figures prove otherwise. There’s also the fact that FIFA 13 1.04 update for the PS3 version will help to reignite the passion for those who left the game while they waited for the update.

While the update is not huge in size, looking over the patch notes there are a number of key improvements to help give the player a great gaming experience. Thankfully those still suffering those annoying connection issues will be glad to know that they have finally been rectified for the PS3 version of FIFA 13, along with the overall stability of the game as well.

The success of FIFA 13 has been pretty remarkable (especially in the UK) but was hounded from the start with a string of issues. EA had annoyed fans by not keeping them fully informed as to the situation, but have since made up for that. However, one has to wonder if making PlayStation 3 users wait an extra month for the second update when compared to the PC version is seen as fair? See the full patch notes here.

In other news EA has temporarily disabled FIFA 13: Ultimate Team until further notice, they have taken such action so that they can make it a much greater experience for the future. They have not given us many details, but they have said they will keep users fully updated of the situation. More on this can be found on the EA Forum.

Are you unhappy that EA has had to disable FIFA 13: Ultimate Team again, and what other changes would you like to see made to the main games itself?

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    my game freezes when i get a invislbe ball all player , this usually happens in career mode when i use the rematch which i brought from ea catalogde any 1 eles had this problem

  • scoobysnow

    unfortunately still no way to change your player position in career mode.once you pick your pos looks like that`s it for good !!!!!

  • Andrew Bunda

    My career mode still freezes at the same point in time on the calendar. Patch didn’t help me one bit

  • Rofhiwa Rudzani Ravhengani

    I havent been able to get onto FUT since this update came out

  • Guest

    Career mode still freezes, didn’t help me on but.

  • Matthew Hopley

    The career mode is a joke, mine STILL doesn’t work!!!

  • Ben Starling

    I think to solve the career mode you might have to start a new one

  • FixTheIssues!

    Fix the “there was a problem getting your online information” in pro clubs.. because of that i get disconnected every 5 seconds from the ea servers.. career or ultimate team aren’t the only problem.. fix it as a whole..

  • chris barrows

    this patch just fixes bugs, it doesn’t enhance the gameplay or experience. Worse than fifa 12 and that’s saying something. Fifa 11 is the best fifa.

  • Phil

    after installation of the patch the game freezes at playing a match on my manager career. in v1.03 everthing worked fine. wtf!?