Rumored PS4 technology could cause side effects

Another week and another rumor for the PlayStation 4, this time there’s a rumor that the PS4 could take advantage of an eye-tracking system, but there are concerns that such technology could cause side effects. However, as always this rumored PS4 technology needs to be taken at face value, but it’s certainly an interesting notion.

The patent filing was said to have been filed a while ago now and is for a magnetic contact, which would mean that the user would place content lenses in their eyes and the sensors on the PS4 would be able to track the movements of the users eyes. Something like this does sound a little far-fetched, but you can see that a company has already made strides in this kind of technology.

The likeliness of this technology being used in Sony’s next-gen games console is a little hard to believe, but it would certainly bring a whole new experience to gaming. Just imagine being able to blink or move your eye in order to control different aspects of the PlayStation 4, such as the menu system. However, we’re told that there could be other devices that could hang around your neck in order to complement the contact lenses.

What worries us is the possible side effects that comes with wearing contact lenses, because users often suffer from an aggravation, which means that Sony would need to learn about ophthalmology. Then there’s the legal side of things, as we’re not certain that Sony would come off too well if parents decided to sue because their children had caused themselves an injury to their eyes while trying to place the contact lenses in.

We’re sure that contact lens wearers will be able to come up with a whole lists of reasons why such technology for the PS4 would not be a good idea, come to think of it how would contact lens wearers be able to use this technology?

Do you believe that this would be viable to use in the next PlayStation, or would you much prefer the likes of a DualShock 4 controller or even both?

  • yourownfaith

    i dont think sony would risk doin that.. they could lose alot of money and could possibilty end the corp. if lawsuits were made, if anything were to go wrong, and we all know that broke ass ppl would just do that for money so thats way to risky. Sony should just focus on better graphics cuz thats what players want out of ps4.. add-ons or the move hasnt been much of interest for me personally, I enjoy playing games that are real lookin and enjoy playin games that have a great storyline. I dont think gaming should go anywhere besides picking up a control, sittin on the couch and playing (at least not right now anyway). Technology has been going rapid fire these days and should slow down for awhile. If i was to design the ps4 I would try and make the graphics as real as possible, I would focus on creating a reliable system and learn from the mistakes in the past. I would also come up with ideas to keep the console going for more then 6 years.. i mean we all hate having to invest in everything again for gaming. But little things like that make a differeance..

    • DrewM

      I am a diehard PS fan, dont like the controller on the XBox, hate that its not symetrical joysticks lol, but would want a kinect on PS, not the move, thats like having a wii mote, MS had the right idea, come on Sony give us a proper hands free controller, not something i have to hold, but to be able to wave my hand and have everything there, fantastic.

  • Fistsofjustice

    The articles on this site just get worse and worse. There’s absolutely no way Sony would ever release something like this. But I guess sensationalist headlines get hits right? This is the worst example of troll reporting I’ve ever seen. Lazy journalism will get you nowhere.

  • Kein Citozi

    chrismas of 2013 is the right data

  • Annoyed@Sony

    You know what is funny? Nintendo got stuff thrown at them for taking this route.

    DS = gimmick

    Wii = gimmick

    3DS = gimmick

    Yet when Sony do it it suddenly becomes relevant and needed. Sorry but to trash Nintendo for making touch screens in handhelds only to do it yourself is the highest end of hypocrisy. Sony fanboys laughed at DS for years. I remember what they said. It was a weak cheap toy with some gimmick to get it to sell. Sony add touch screen and throw some touch pad on the back of their new system and suddenly people who laughed it off want it because their masters are doing it.

    Sony say you want it so it must be cool? Is it any surprise Sony are falling behind everybody?