The Last of Us shares GTA 5 release window, possibly

It’s been a while since we have heard any news on The last of Us, one because Naughty Dog did not have much to share, and two because the likes of Halo 4 and Black Ops 2 have taken a lions share of the attention of late. However, we might have something that could get you a little excited, and that’s a possible release window for The Last of Us, which coincidentally is similar to Grand Theft Auto 5.

Rockstar has confirmed that GTA 5 will be released in the spring of 2013, and we’re now hearing that this could also be the fact for The Last of Us, but we have to warn that currently it’s just Wal-mart that started to take reservations for the game, so not like official proof like that of GTA V.

While Wal-mart do show reservations cards for Spring 2013, it’s worth noting that it’s subject to change. We’re told that this is just speculation as no such release date for The Last of Us has been finalized, but then again it could be the real deal, as the likes of Tesco’s in the UK showed a Spring release for GTA 5, and they were right on the money there โ€“ although not certain if an end of March release is correct.

We already know that Naughty Dog’s next title will be released in 2013, and while there were rumors that it would be a next-gen title, we can safely say that this will not be the case.

Let’s say for arguments sake that Sony were to release The Last of Us in the same week as Grand Theft Auto V, what do you think the outcome would be? We’re sure the latter would be the more popular of the two, but not everyone will want GTA 5.

It’s been a while since Naughty Dog released a trailer for The Last of Us, so great to see them release a new one (see below), which is a build-up to a story trailer due for release on December 10th.


  • Thomas McBrearty

    It’s nice to see a Naughty Dog not really caring about what RockStar throws at them, personally I’d rather have a game like ‘The Last of Us’ over ‘Grand Theft Auto’, I get nothing out of running granny’s over and pretending to be gangster, Instead I get more out of a game which Really thrives on its characters and their in-depth story and having a nice art style as-well-as visual style.

    I can see ‘The Last of Us’ being ‘Game of The Year’ in 2013 it has shown enough in the both game-play and voice-acting; Grand Theft Auto V has shown only 2 trailers and a few screenshots which to be honest doesn’t exactly give it a reason to be Game of The Year (especially considering I haven’t seen anything exactly ground breaking) so I think I’ll pass on that one until I see something worth while.

    Bring on The Last of Us Naughty Dog ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • FriendToAFriend

      Naughty Dog will piss themselves when Grand Theft Auto releases. Whether it be before or after, I’m getting a copy of both and I will enjoy both. We all know GTA V will be something above special, don’t just disregard it as something plain just because it’s shown only a few trailers and screenshots. One thing is for sure though, GTA V will be amazing from what I’ve seen.

      Bring us Grand Theft Auto V Rockstar North. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Thomas McBrearty

        “We all know GTA V will be something above special”

        I’m sorry could you prove that please? instead of running your mouth and showing absolutely no proof that it will or justification, then I think I’ll stick with my original thoughts. If you have a problem with my opinion then so be it, not everyone likes GTA (I for one find it boring) yet you obviously don’t like that so yer bit of an over-exaggerated comment on your part.

        • JosephTheAllMightyz

          Lol The Last of Us is hands down! king of the jungle, GTA V? no way..

          The last time I checked GTA 4 was bad, boring, overrated and I quote “Overrated”.

          Pleaassee show me what GTA V is even doing that’s new

          Example of fans: “GTA is super duper big its combined with other super duper big games”

          Me: “Yer Ok….”

        • FriendToAFriend

          Over-exaggerated? Nah. You on the other-hand are crazy for thinking I have a problem with what your opinion states. We’re all friends here, all gamers. I was just stating my love for two games that I love and showing my preference to GTA V.

    • shockgamers

      so you get nothing over trying ot be a gangster but you get your rocks off killing zombies? which is the most watered down field in the fgaming industry? yet you can see it being game of the year? why cuz its so original? rofl gtfo of here man,

      • t2k

        Except their not zombies so do your reserach and don’t jump to my its amazing how many people get wound up due to their favourite game not being attention 24/7 or for having an opinion. Excuse gaamers like me and Tom for not having games forced down our hthroats but not all of us worship GTA..

        • shockgamers

          so your trying to tell me that it isnt “infewcted” people as well as regular people. if you dont think the last of us has zombies you are a moron tbh so maybe YOU SHOULD DO YOUR RESEARCH before you let your fingers type stuff you have no idea about.

          • Thomas McBrearty

            Except as he said in his comment lol (O_o) their not zombies, their infected; not every game has zombies and infected as the same thing.

            “if you dont think the last of us has zombies you are a moron”

            LOL insults now? wow real mature….

          • TheRealDeal

            Lol your comment makes Noooooo sense??

        • Thomas McBrearty

          Lol tell me about it pal, I say my part on Grand Theft Auto and they all jump to its defence as-if I was insulting their own mother, its kinda funny really, but hey if they don’t like it so be it, I’m not one to start commenting back saying “Hey leave The Last of Us alone!” I don’t need to anyway from what I’ve seen it looks to be a great game, must be that time of the year or something for angry gamers ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • HameD SamaDi

      Whatever They do they need to stay out of the RockstarGames Because nothing can beat GTA 5 honestly i got Ps3 but you know GTA 5 is a very huge game and even The Lat of Us release the same date as GTA 5 well naughty dog will lose alot of money just because of GTA 5 so any developer have to say out of the GTA 5 or they about to get fucked when it come to ROCKSTARGAMES and GTA 5 !

      • Thomas McBrearty

        Money doesn’t make a great game bud (Call of Duty is an example of that).

  • TheRealDeal

    Some comments below arn’t even justified you make claims that GTA V is gonna do this, that and the other, yet you show no proof, sorry but my cards are on The Last of Us

  • GaryOhNoOhYer2424

    Hey guess what guys!

    Man the last of us needs a release down ASAP. As for GTAV, well its nothing we havent seen before, a big map with police who can apparently find you at the corners of the earth, but maybe it will be good but no The Last of Us standard *_*

    • shockgamers

      So the last of us isnt a game about infected humans and you trying to escape them and stay alive? and thats never been done before? and what standards does the last of us have since you have obviously played it

  • TheWarriroW1TH1N

    Ok just to make one thing clear,
    1.)Tom made one comment , he prefers The Last of Us over GTAV as do many gamers don’t get upset.

    2.) The Last of Us is breaking ground with AI, Story telling, Voice acting and many more aspects.

    3.) Rockstar have shown 2 trailers, anyone claiming it the best game ever is either plain thick or very naive.

    If you question something or have a little bit of constructive criticism about ‘GTAV’ you get mauled to death, I mean seriously If gamers was insulting you then you’d know about it, so give it a rest its getting boring.

    Don’t like peoples opinions then touch this is the real world, GTA is not the only game in existence that will do well and as far as awards go Fallout 3 won more GOTY awards than GTA4 so I think if anything GTAV needs to try and tip-toe pass that game first. Cheers.