Need for Uncharted 4 not going away or Sully spin-off

The call for Uncharted 4 or a Sully spin-off is not far from the thoughts of fans who want to see a return of this popular franchise. In no uncertain terms, the need for Naughty Dog to make another Uncharted game has been expressed along with ideas concerning side-kick Sully, so we are interested in whether those who enjoyed Uncharted 3 will prefer a bog standard sequel or do they require something else from the franchise.

Fans of Uncharted have been discussing this topic on various forums and many not only want number four but they also want it to be made by Naughty Dog. Differing comments can be seen on Community, as some gamers would like to see the start of a new trilogy, yet other would like to experience a title with fewer bugs in it. In one circumstance, a gamer’s response to a sequel was that they should take their time releasing it on the PS4, but also get it perfect this time.

There is not a high demand for Uncharted 4 to be a console launching title, as many fans would prefer extra time spent on it to deliver a near perfect game. On the Official PlayStation Forum, some gamers are suggesting that a small part of Naughty Dog’s development team will probably be working on UC4, while the rest focus on The Last Of Us.

Back in April, we spoke about the build up to Uncharted 4, with the release of the trilogy made available from Amazon France at the time. Many gamers feel that Uncharted 3 was the cap on a decent franchise, and expectations for a sequel were quite low, but once trilogy packs started to emerge some fans felt another game might be on the cards.

When it comes to spin-offs, Games Radar documents the sidekicks they feel deserve their own game and Victor “Sully” Sullivan from Uncharted was mentioned, as he is the master who taught Nathan all he knows. The support this character shows Nate throughout is regarded as impressive considering his age, and his skills are worth making the most of, so questions have been asked whether a type of spin-off prequel would be a great direction to take this character, going through the decades maybe his own trilogy would be worth contemplating. Would you like to see a fresh batch of Uncharted spin-offs revolving around Sully? Alternatively, are you just hoping for Uncharted 4?

  • Josh

    Definately Uncharted 4. Drake’s Deception left us with a lot of unanswered questions about Nate’s history, and I would love to get that final piece of character development before a Sully spin off. However, what I do know is that I never want Uncharted to end!

    • 90mustanggt

      Can’t wait for uncharted 4, a sully spin of would be deadly tho… based in the 60’s 70’s 80’s etc

  • Mike

    Uncharted 4!! U3 it`s great game! all Uncharted series it`s great!!!!

  • micky

    We want Uncharted 4!

  • Jack Barrington

    As much as I love the Uncharted series, I want Jak 4. And @Josh, there is a lot of unanswered questions to Jak’s history too. More so than Nate’s.

  • TonberryKing128

    I love the uncharted series and though I like sully I don’t think the game would be quite the same. If naughty dog goes about it right they can make Uncharted 4 an Uncharted 2 topper. 2 is the best in the series but 3 was still an amazing expirence.

  • Kyle

    If they make Uncharted 4 I would like them to stick to a new setting and make it as unique as possible. I like the Cruise Ship levels of UC4, but really I thought it was a little out of place. I wish they would have done some more in the desert because that setting will most likely not be returning. A setting like the Cruise ship levels would have fit better if they were doing a game based on Atlantis or something similar.