The Last of Us release ahead of possible PS4 announcement

A few days ago we told you that there was a rumor that Naughty Dog’s newest IP was to be released in the Spring (around the same time as GTA 5), we can now tell you that this was pretty much spot on because The Last of Us release date will be on the 7th of May. Now if we are to believe other rumors, then this could be just ahead of a possible PS4 announcement in June.

This latest news on The Last of Us broke during yesterdays Spike Video Game Awards show, which also treated us to some great new footage. This video (see below) usually looks at Joel and Ellie, but this time we get to see some of the other survivors in this awesome looking post-apocalyptic world. This has certainly left us salivating for more, so we’re glad that we will see a new trailer on the 10th of December.

We had assumed that this was going to be the big game at E3 next year, but at least we get to experience what looks set to be a masterpiece a month before the gaming event. No doubt many gamers will be looking at this latest footage and say that it has a Walking Dead vibe to it, and they would be right, it shows that Naughty Dog have done it again.

Personally I’ve never been into the latest batch of zombie games, or even those that have them as extra content, as nothing compares to the original Resident Evil Games, but trust Naughty Dog to sway my opinion and pray that these next 5 months go swiftly. Having said that, we could be seeing Grand Theft Auto V released before then, just hope it will be in March as it will give me around 2 months to enjoy Rockstar’s next masterpiece, that’s if the game gets released in March.