Anticipation of GTA 5 expressed by fans again

Although it seems to have gone a bit quiet on the Grand Theft Auto V front, the rollercoaster of excitement that revolves around this game looks like it is picking up speed again, as GTA V has been voted next years most anticipated title. Throughout Spike’s 2012 Video Game Awards, (which was held last Friday) unlike other awards, this one is defined by viewer’s votes, topping a list including The Last of Us and Tomb Raider.

Other titles in the running were BioShock Infinite and South Park: The Stick of Truth and those wanting to see the full list of winners are able to check them out through a link on the GTA V Net website. On the same page, various other Grand Theft Auto 5 details can be found along with some great artwork and trailers of the game. While we search around for confirmation of a release date, we don’t expect it to be nailed down to an actual day, but going by information found on a GTA V Forum we are looking at somewhere between April and June.

There has still been no specific date set yet, but many fans are expressing their excitement, so there is an expectation that Grand Theft Auto is going to be a bit special this time around, and by the looks of The Last of Us and Tomb Raider we can see Rockstar pulling out all the stops. With this in mind, it is worth us relating to a previous post, which spoke about fans fixation with this game ever since we found out about it.

Winning the most anticipated game of 2013 award seems as if fans are estimating this to be so much better than some are expected, therefore, we hope this type of award doesn’t lead fans into a false sense of pretense, as some games do not always deliver the hype that surrounds a title. Continuing with a more upbeat perspective, from what we have seen it is still worth getting excited about another GTA title, and other aforementioned games also look like good competitors making it a win, win situation for gamers.

In our most recent post, we spoke about GTA 5 interest from a rival developer, as the creative director at Crystal Dynamics is showing plenty of admiration for Rockstar’s eagerly anticipated title. Noah Hughes referred to Grand Theft Auto V when speaking about the competition of their upcoming Tomb Raider game, and happily spoke about the two going head to head, he even amusingly suggests everything would be much easier if GTA V would just go away.

He goes on to say there is no safe time to release a game, but we are under the impression those wanting to release a title at the same time as Grand Theft Auto 5 will definitely have their work cut out for them. Can you see any upcoming games rivaling GTA 5 next year? Maybe The Last of Us will be decent opposition.

  • Ryan1245

    Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Rockstar really rocks… March 2013 baby! Can’t wait for you.