Diablo 3 console support, next or current-gen preference

It seems as if Blizzard Entertainment are contemplating bringing Diablo 3 to the console environment according to recent reports that they have been toying with the idea over this last year. Before we get too excited, it is worth conceiving that by the time they are ready to adapt this popular title to the consoles the next gen systems may be the ideal platform to bring this game to the forefront.

Although Blizzard are trying out how their game works in unspecified consoles Rob Pardo the company’s executive has commented on the builds they have running, yet nothing of any substance can be reported at the moment, so we are intrigued whether the unspecified system could be a next gen one. The lead designer of the action-RPG, Jay Wilson reiterates that they are still “exploring console options” and tells Polygon about their continuation to add and expand the game.

With no official project yet underway, there has been talk about the whole team on the next big Diablo thing, and plenty of new things are expected throughout next year. However, we are under the impression their focus remains with plans for an expansion to Diablo 3. Their most recent patch (1.05) was apparently the best-received patch to date when they compare unique logins and positive reactions, so we hope to hear more on Diablo 3 expansions in the new year.

PC gamers and fans of Diablo 3 can understand why console gamers would appreciate a title like this, although some feel that it would be ideal on the next gen systems, even though it would take sometime to get the user fanbase up. Others feel that it should be released on both Xbox 360 and PS3, as many gamers prefer to play on consoles and these platforms would be a good way to accumulate more interest in Diablo 3. We acknowledge that some fundamentals of the PC game would need to be changed and some have suggested that the Wii U’s Gamepad would be ideal for certain situations.

At the beginning of last year, we spoke about Diablo 3 for PS3 and Xbox 360, prior to the PC release, questioning whether rumors of this game bracing the consoles is true. During this time, it seems as if Blizzard have entertained the idea, but not implemented anything of consistency for us to report, although many console gamers have been expecting Diablo 3 to make an appearance at some point.

Back then, Blizzard spoke about exploring the possibility and this explanation is ongoing without any specifics, but from what we can see by fans of the game the current consoles would add more in the way of interest and money if it were available on both consoles, as well as the new Wii U. If Diablo 3 did make its way to the current gen systems there have been suggestions that it would be built from the ground up. Therefore, would you still like to see this ported to the current Xbox and PlayStation? Alternatively, do you think they should start preparing Diablo games for the next gen systems?