New GTA 5 technologies paves way for Red Dead Redemption sequel

We are under the impression that Red Dead Redemption 2 will benefit from the new technologies used in Grand Theft Auto 5 and this game could make its way to both current and next gen consoles. The sequel has been confirmed with Rockstar North intending to create cutting-edge architectures and high performance systems for both current and next gen gaming consoles.

Going by a recent job listing on the studio’s official website it seems as if an experienced programmer is wanted to deal with core engine development. Reporting this news, CVG highlight the team behind Red Dead Redemption and the RAGE engine powering the developer’s recent titles, as the company are looking to enroll more staff to work on this new engine.

In part of the listing the candidate will be expected to work with the game teams to integrate new technologies, and additionally the San Diego studio are intending to provide deeper online connectivity in games including the main GTA 5 campaign. They are also looking for a networking programmer who is familiar with the synchronization of the wide range of gameplay mechanics in their open world games, presumably GTA 5.

Gamers are now intrigued to see what can be achieved with this new engine, although some feel this sequel is being earmarked for the next gen consoles. Confirmation of Red Dead Redemption 2 by Rockstar is reported on Now Gamer, along with brief details of a questions and answers session on the official blog. Answering a question about whether we would see this sequel anytime soon, they mentioned how they are not usually in any rush to make sequels, but this does not mean they won’t get to them eventually, and this goes for other popular titles like Bully and L.A. Noire.

Last month, we spoke about a longer GTA V story needed, as reports are saying it wont be as long as GTA IV, which some fans are not best pleased with, although their main concern is that this game is not repetitive, as that was one of the downsides to the last Grand Theft Auto and others before it. To keep things relative, the size of the game will be similar to Red Dead Redemption, but the real issue many fans have is the repetitiveness that surrounds the missions.

Apparently, those worried about the size of the game will be pleased to know there are plenty of secondary things for players to do, adding more time to Grand Theft Auto V. Returning to the original topic, are you expecting Red Dead Redemption 2 to be a big improvement on the last game? Alternatively, would you like to see this sequel progress on the next gen consoles?

  • joe

    PS3 please: don’t make me have to spend money I don’t have for another new machine when the one I’ve already got works just fine

  • Also Joe

    Most retardedly obvious award thing goes tooo…..! Rockstars engine improvements on a game theyre working on will benefit their next game to use the same engine? AHMAGAD, REALLY?!

  • Cerealmanboy

    All i care about right now is that they dont downgrade on the multiplayer and its map for Rdr 2. Who would want to see alot more nothingness throughout the map? I hope to see more customizations with the characters and more uses for online money.

    • Gnasher

      I would like alot more nothingness.

      • Cody

        I actually agree with you. I like vast landscapes and deserts. I like to feel like I’m traveling in the old west

  • Nick

    Next-gen consoles are exiting. The last generation of consoles before the 360s and PS3s were the PS2s and the original XBox’s which had blocky and cartoonish graphics, but the current consoles have graphics nearing realism. Imagine how amazing graphics and physics will be on next-gen consoles. We’re in the future now, mofo’s.