Crysis 3 needed to be next-gen release

We are currently being lead to believe next years eagerly anticipated release of Crysis 3 has ventured to the boundaries and the limitations of the current consoles with nothing left to spare. Nevertheless, if this is the case, many gamers will be wondering whether this title should have been made for the next generation systems, considering the Crytek CEO has commented on how they have maxed out the current consoles.

Cevat Yerli from Crytek has informed gamers that their upcoming title will max out the capabilities of both the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 making it the most technically demanding game on the current gen systems. CVG look at a recent interview Yerli attended with Videogamer where he said that the limitations have been reached with “not even 1 percent left”, although he also raved about how Crysis 2 was also rather demanding, saying that their new game will look technically better than any other on the PS3 and 360.

He continued by saying its not just about art style, as that aspect can be subjective, it’s more about what they are managing to cram into the current consoles. Releasing on February the 19th, 2013 in the US, European gamers will have to wait until the 22nd of February to get hold of this eagerly awaited title, although some have suggested that Crytek’s games may be nice looking, but the fun element is missing, so we hope this has been considered with Crysis 3.

Some gamers feel that other titles are now showing us that there is plenty more left in the tank as far as current consoles are concerned, while many feel that if this is the case wouldn’t it be better to consider work on the so-called PS4 and Xbox 720. As developers are still managing to draw more power out of the existing systems, it worth taking on board how companies are intent on delivering games and making money now, as we are still unsure when the next gen consoles will make an appearance.

Going by a report on IGN, they feel that Crysis 3 undoes some of the damage caused by Crysis 2 concerning player freedom, although it is said to contain the same gameplay complexities that fans enjoy. Apparently, the overall linear structure of previous games is still apparent, but Crysis 3 ensures gamers that an open world is not the main draw these days to give the player freedom, and this title not only looks impressive but also contains some subtle gameplay improvements.

Although this version may not take gamers back to the open-world freedom of the original, this still looks impressive and the gameplay is less restricted, so with high expectations the sense of freedom may not by high on the agenda. Returning to the original source, do you feel Crysis 3 should have been developed for the next gen consoles?

  • CMONSTA211

    Provided it looks next gen on PC I’m not bothered