Solutions for Skyrim Dragonborn DLC dragon riding problems

Since the arrival of Skyrim Dragonborn DLC, the part many fans were eagerly anticipated was the opportunity to ride dragons, however plenty of problems have been encountered giving us cause to wonder whether this part of the game is as good as we were lead to believe. Those witnessing issues with everything from control and mounting the beast have also come across dragon riding problems and Bethesda’s response is to give gamers some valuable tips to enhance this expansion.

The Dragonborn DLC for the Xbox 360 version of the game has had plenty of reports from fans with dragon riding issues and Examiner go though some of the useful tips from the company, so gamers can get the most out of their experience, informing players what can and cannot be achieved. Once players are mounted on a dragon, they can equip Ritual spells, although they cannot be used, additionally gamers are not able to lock onto another perched dragon, while they are already mounted, so players will have to wait until the dragon becomes airborne again.

Those turning into vampires whilst riding a dragon will result in your character falling, and gamers are informed to reload a save prior to this occurring, thus avoiding transformations in flight. Those worried about the dragon flying straight up for a certain amount of time have been told that after about 30-60 seconds the dragon will return to the normal altitude. If you are encountering problems with riding the first dragon tamed after communicating with an NPC in Skyrim you can load a previous save or travel away in order to tame another dragon.

Using the ability to ride a dragon once it is caught is resolved by using the Bend Will shout, which works like any other and players are expected to use a full three-word version of the shout to tame the enemy dragon and force it to land. It is worth mentioning that not all dragons can be tamed and that applies mainly to the more powerful ones. Talking about various dragon riding problems experienced in Dragonborn, Product Reviews highlight some initial issues encountered within the content, as many gamers are finding it hard reaching the longboat and ending up at the docks in Windhelm, with no way of getting to Solstheim.

In last weeks post, we mentioned some Dragonborn DLC pros and cons, and the ability to ride dragons has not been as well received as we first thought. On the other hand, the location of Solstheim brings a great variety of landscape and architecture to the game and some are saying this is like a whole new mini-Skyrim to enjoy, not just an unwanted spin-off. We get the impression that Dragonborn has rekindled love for Skyrim and the island of Solstheim is welcomed, so while this content sounds like the better out of the three, we hope PS3 gamers get a chance to experience this. When it comes to the dragon riding aspect what are your thoughts on this element of Dragonborn?

  • leahb94

    How do you steer the dragon? Kind of useless if all I can do is fly round in circles isn’t it?

    • Rick23

      You can’t control it its lame…

  • adashio

    they could add controllable dragon riding. it can be done regardless of what most people would believe.

    the main issue is that of loading too meny npc,items,and landscape textures. really this is the reason that dragon riding mods on the computer version of skyrim have crashed.

    this can easily be resolved by lowering the max speed the controlable dragon mount can go. resulting in slowing the processing of npc,items,and textures to a acceptable pace for both pc, and console versions.

    the other problem would be that of the ground barriers. really if dragons were controllable people would be flying right through trees, glitching through the ground.

    on top of that it would be glitchy as hell if you were able to control the dragon on the ground. simply because you would be glitching through rocks, and causing lag from the poor anti dragon landscape.

    i suppose this could be fixed by editing the barriers of the map, and reducing the size of the dragon. i dont mean to make the dragon the size of a horse. but instead to make it reasonable for most of the landscape to make it more compatible.

    but hay dont get your hopes up for controlled dragon riding. it would take a lot of work. more work then i think bethesda is willing to put in to a simple game mechanic. though regardless of what a few would think i believe that a controllable dragon riding mechanic that is well done is a must have for this game. simply because the options to travel are too limited, and most players are really forced to use only 1 of them for long distance transportation.

    really right now our options are 1) walk……good luck with that

    2) horse. would take about a hour to get to the other side of skyrim due to the fact you would have to circumnavigate those mountains.

    3) fast travel…..really right now people are being forced to use this for long distance travel. really i suppose you could use a horse……..but after you have wasted an hour just to get a small side quest done…….it kinda looses its epic feel. really loading screens mainly forced on us from fast travel is what i believe is kinda making the game very bland most of the time.

    if there was another option of travel that could allow you to get anywhere in skyrim in a reasonable amout of time. it would be dragon riding. in fact the dragon does not even have to be very fast. if it was as fast as a horse it would still be the fastest way to travel skyrim simply because it could fly over the mountains instead of going around them.

    really if bethesda took the time to make controllable dragon riding reality. it would make skyrim epic, and a must have for every gamer interested in 1 player games