New SimCity PC spec concerns

SimCity is said to contain three massive cities that gamers will have to simultaneously take care of, and the new technology of the GlassBox engine will give players to opportunity to do things never achieved before in other SimCity titles. With the amount of extensive customization involved in this title many gamers are showing concern about the specs, as there is plenty of apprehension about whether their PC will be able to handle it.

Multiple cities will be on offer to manage in more detail, and Jason Haber the producer at Maxis talks about how much of your life this eagerly anticipated title will take up, with the chance to accomplish more in this new game which has been built from the ground up. Highlighting his comments CVG mention that this is not just another version of the game, and several years of work have been put into SimCity with the help of the GlassBox engine.

Resources with constant interaction will connect the cities, and this title is said to be a complete revolution for the franchise. When it comes to the sound aspect, those zooming in will experience the noises of the city becoming more prominent, so gamers will hear the sounds of birds tweeting and distant noise of a busy intersection. Once they get closer, louder noises can be heard from the likes of car horns and engines, which gives players more sense of immersion.

Concerned gamers are worried whether their laptops and PCs are capable of handling this game, and some are keeping their fingers crossed that their PC will run this. Therefore, we are intrigued in the information on the specs, so gamers know whether this title is worth contemplating. In other SimCity news, an article on Gaming Blend features another new promo video from the upcoming game, and this focuses on a walkthrough of the gameplay strategy and the various layers of play involved.

In the footage, lead designer Stone Librande gives us some insight into ways to make the most of the asymmetrical multiplayer. Ramping up his casino land, he talks about the various encounters and obstacles involved, especially crime rates and notorious gangs such as the Warriors. Scheduled for release on March 5th, 2013 for PC, SimCity fans will be able to experience this new enhanced strategy game, as the franchise continues to be an improvement on the last. To see the gameplay walkthrough guide check out the video below and let us know your opinion.