Black Ops 2 newbies easy ride over Christmas

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 has been accessible for over a month now and there are probably plenty of gamers expecting this as one of their main Christmas presents, although those new to this title may find it hard joining up on the multiplayer mode without too much experience in the game. Taking the amount of newcomers into consideration, Treyarch has given players the opportunity to brush up on their skills before entering the arena of fans that have had a month’s experience.

The option to attend a form of boot camp to get acquainted with the game is ideal for those receiving Black Ops 2 over the Christmas period, and Gameranx highlights how this is a great way to get newcomers up to speed prior to joining up with other more experienced players. This scenario seems to be an annual tradition for Call of Duty games and a new message update from Treyarch informs “Christmas Noobs” that they can take a tour of Boot Camp first to get ready for the multiplayer.

This will give newcomers a chance to improve their skills before they take on some veterans, as many already clocking up over a months worth of play won’t have to account for new players not having a clue what they’re doing. With that in mind, we can understand how those acquainted with the game will probably relish the opportunity to get an easy kill, so we can imagine plenty of fresh meat will still be available if there are crowded playlists with plenty of Christmas Noobs.

Sales of Black Ops 2 in the UK are mentioned in an article on GameZone, where they highlight this shooter topping the charts for the fifth consecutive week, and this has amounted in a tie with LEGO Batman 2 for five straight weeks at the top of the chart for 2012. Apparently, Hitman: Absolution has managed to climb up to the second spot as sales have grown 91%, and FIFA 13 is staying firm at number 3 for the sixth consecutive week.

On a less positive note, last week we spoke about more issues found in the PS3 version causing misery for owners of this game on Sony’s platform, as unjust probation notices have been encountered, so we hope these problems are addressed as soon as possible. Have you experienced these problems with the Xbox version?