Future Diablo 3 patch to aid bans

Problems caused by undermining the spirit of fair play has caused the company behind Diablo 3 to issue several thousand bans to players who have been cheating using bots and hacking. Therefore, a new patch will be expected soon for legitimate gamers to report these actions in the future, and we can imagine how many people would like to see this kind of attention with other games.

Cheating, botting and hacking can cause allsorts of technical problems within the game as well as performance issues with the Battle.net service, and Blizzard has already come down hard on those who doing this. Documenting the amount of players that have already been hit with a ban, CVG report on news of an expected patch that intends to maintain a stable and enjoyable online environment for loyal legitimate players, because this is paramount to Blizzard and their Battle.net service.

As they continue to fight the war against hackers and cheaters, they will also add the opportunity for players to report this kind of behavior and bring situations like this to their attention with a future patch. In other news, Ubergizmo mentions how loyal Blizzard employees of 20 years will be rewarded for their efforts with a cool Diablo 3 inspired helmet. Those who have spent more than a decade working at the same company will understand the need to reward loyal employees and many organizations give out gifts for time spent.

While some companies give out gold watches and other equivalents, its nice to see Blizzard are giving away something relative to the gaming industry with a unique helmet inspired by Diablo 3’s Archangel Imperius. The helmet is expected to ship next year, although we question how many employees have worked there for twenty years, and whether some would prefer a gold watch. Those who have spent 10 years will receive a shield, and a five-year stint will guarantee a sword, so there is a reward for those who have not managed to clock up two decades.

For some reason veteran Blizzard employees will be geared up giving us cause to believe those working for the company are getting tooled up for their efforts, so we wonder if an old timer of twenty years will also receive the sword and shield to go with their helmet. Keeping on the subject of Diablo 3 related news, last month we spoke about an impending expansion set to release on this popular title, although we are unsure when this will arrive. As far as hacking and cheating is concerned, do you feel this has become an ongoing problem for the gaming industry?