GTA 5 updated edition for Xbox 720 possibility

Although Grand Theft Auto V is expected on the current gen consoles the production of this game late on in the lifecycle of the PS3 and the Xbox 360 give us reason to believe this title will not only be on the cusp of next generation gaming, but a title for the new systems. The idea that an updated version of GTA 5 for the Xbox 720 could be a distinct possibility may amount in this being the first next-gen game.

Grand Theft Auto 5 has received an overwhelming response from gamers as they scour the internet for snippets of new information, and over the last couple of months plenty of details have been on offer. Everything from the three protagonists to the size of the game have been divulged making this one of the most eagerly anticipated games for sometime, so we are intrigued to know if GTA V will be the first real next-generation game.

Documenting how this could be the first on the new systems, CVG write an extensive report on the ins and outs of the game and how current-gen consoles will power this action. As next gen titles may evolve from the limited Team Deathmatch format, GTA 5 may be inclined to change some of these familiar elements giving players the opportunity to form small squads to play out longer quests and narrative adventures, as this game may end up as a so-called organic living soap opera, according to Dan Houser.

We are under the impression next gen gaming will focus more on freedom and customization as opposed to just formula and structure, and as GTA V is still a current generation title, there is a possibility that the arrival of the Xbox 720 at the end of 2013 may prompt the need to release an updated edition. If this is not the case, Grand Theft Auto V is sure to raise the bar for developers making next gen titles.

While our excitement for the game gathers momentum with every bit of breaking news, it is worth considering how much it will cost the consumer, because our previous article spoke about the price of GTA 5 in various territories as greed sets in. The current economic climate is still in a fragile state and pre-order prices of the game in certain areas do not reflect the financial positions of consumers in specific parts of the world.

Some countries are being charged much more than expected and South Africa was one of the examples we hit upon as gamers there are expected to fork out around R753.95, translating to about $86, 67 euros and 54 British pounds. This has given many cause to feel this is greed setting in, and many question why fans should pay over R750 for a game, although the prices given were just a planned forecast, so we expect this to drop near its release, or at least a couple of weeks later. (Fingers crossed)

Some gamers are suggesting that if a day one patch is warranted, then so is a money back guarantee. While many fans may pay over the odds for a Grand Theft Auto game, we understand that many will have a limit they will go to on principle. As far as British currency is concerned there are many that would pay up to £60 for GTA 5, and any game costing more would have to be a limited edition, although a large majority expect the price to drop a few weeks after it launches.

How much are you willing to pay for a game nowadays? On the other hand, Grand Theft Auto V is not just any old game, so will this title be enough to make you fork out a little extra?

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  • Dymez

    This is interesting, seeing as the next gen Xbox is currently going through a wide-known setback and the release for the console won’t be until 2014.

    • Simon Toogood

      November 2013. Mark my words.

    • Kevyne Collins

      Correction. Sony is experiencing the setback. Don’t know where you’re getting your info from.

      • Dymez

        Umm… No? Sony, if anything, are ahead of schedule. Sony held dev meetings throughout the spring and summer, showcasing the next gen Playstation and briefing devs on what it can do. Sony then sent dev kits inside of PC’s to developers, and they are currently working on next gen games as we speak. Microsoft has not sent out a single dev kit, sources have stated that the XBox is experiencing difficulties. Easy.

        • shikamaru317

          Now I don’t know where you’re getting your info from. No Xbox dev kits? The rumors that I’ve been reading say that the first Xbox dev kit was sent out nearly a year ago and another updated kit has been sent out since then. In fact, I just read another article about a 3rd dev kit that will be in the hands of developers very soon. PS4 launch first? I’ve read at least a dozen articles in the last 2 months, all saying that the Xbox is expected to launch in Q4, several of which narrowed the window to November, and several said that their sources are telling them that Sony is struggling to make the same window.

        • Isaac

          They has been a few Xbox dev kits sent out known as “Durango’s”. Somebody sold one of the 720 dev kits for $20,000 on eBay.

        • James18188

          Stop talking nonsense! Sony have NO money to produce the PS4 as their credit rating is diminished and a few key shareholders have pulled the plug and passed their shares on to creditors. There only hope to refinance the project is too get companies to sign up to their advertising scheme where adverts appear mid-game just to get production equity on their books.

          Sony have no money, a $13.7bn debt and at this time; the PS4 is still NOT even confirmed!

          • Dymez

            I ended this discussion days ago because it was treading into “fanboy’ism,” if you will, judging by the replies. But, after reading this comment here, starting with “Stop talking nonsense!” Oh the irony.

            I’m not even going to get into detail about the nature of the business, because by you iterating “Sony have no money,” I highly doubt you’d understand it. However, I’ll say: Really? Really, guy? You really believe that Sony isn’t working on a next generation Playstation? You really believe that the Playstation isn’t confirmed when SCEA’s Senior Vice Pres., Scott Rohde stated himself that next gen games were already in development back in June? You really believe the next gen Playstation isn’t coming when top line developers and publishers talked about receiving next gen Playstation dev kits from Sony? You really believe “Sony have no money” when they are spending all this money putting the specs together for this console? Wow, man. Just, wow. I’m done with this.

          • James1811

            PS4 confirmed = Nope. Have they exhausted their credit = Yes.

            They have suspended their next gen research and development because they cannot finance it further. Sure they can discuss a strategy and specs but they can’t afford to fulfill such a project; it isn’t going to happen any time soon.

            Sony only have themselves to blame for their plight. Taking a loss on each PS3 unit at wholesale, a marketplace that loses a million a month and 3m super slims that were produced but not sold incurring a further 3bn in debt on top of a -BB rating and no cash-positive revenue streams.

            Get your facts right before you start the fanboy antics. I’m a PS3 owner and I find your nonsense ridiculous.

          • lookhere

            jees how irritating and stupid can you get

          • Jake

            Yea…. I dont see how ppl could really think that there wont be a ps4!

          • Issac

            That’s exactly what people said with Sega before they went practically bankrupt and couldn’t afford to release a new console. You’re probably too young to remember and don’t understand the vasic financial climate that exists today.

          • Jake

            I’m definately old enough to remember and I dont see the relation between sega and Sony or how ppl can really think the ps4 isn’t in the works

          • Mitchie93

            Don’t think you’ve paid much attention to the existing global economics mate. The Sega saga was on a smaller scale yet that was enough to bankrupt their console division. Sony are in deeper arreas and could be in administration if the current debt outweighs their commercial assets. I am a PS owner and have been all my life but the situation is worrying more than how it seems. It would be unthinkable not to have PS4 sometime but at this present time; it’s a distinct possibility.

          • Dymez

            Easy. It’s a lack of understanding the nature of the business. People read these columns and take it like it’s the bible. There are so many things that go on the the public has no idea about, which is why “insiders” exist, and they hardly even know. Then, you have people who compare SCE’s problem with SEGA, which couldn’t be even further from comparability. It gets exhausting even talking about it, honestly. It’s like work, but I don’t get anything out of this. I just chuckle. When they see the next gen Playstation due to release in about a year’s time, then they’ll know.

          • HarryWebster

            Give up kid. Are you blind to Sony’s woes or just deluded? Looks like you spend too much time on here with speculation rather than focusing on the legitimate sources at hand. Sony are plagued with debt and the fact they have been commercially banned from all banks should ring the common sense alarm bells. Even the Vita is another flop in a string of cock-ups. To pass the buck and say that Microsoft are having problems is just plain trolling.

            Please provide one article which confirms that the PS4 is being released. Strange that after Sony were barred from receiving credit; it’s all gone quiet regarding the PS4.

          • Jake

            I see what u are saying. I think the Sony = sega thing is seriously retarded and they are obviously coming out with a console next year. I can smell the Sony hate in alot of these ppl comments over just proactive thinking. U did predict fanboy backlash tho and u were right.

          • DuncanH

            You may want to check their accounts before assuming money grows on trees kid.

            I worked for SCEE for 11 years and they are declining quicker than Sega did overnight. PS4 is being researched but it is NOT in development this moment in time. All production at Sony Worldwide has been suspended until they can prove their viability by clearing at least 25% of debt. If they lose another 3.5bn next quarter it’s administration and insolvency for them.

  • Gabe

    This Is the dumbest thing I ever heard,Rockstar North even said that once GTA V Is done they are Instantly starting work on the nex-gen engine for games.And the whole Idea Itself Is so derogatory,Rockstar Is not stupid enough to charge people twice for the same game,And the next generation xbox and PS3 will most likely have backwards compatibility with online features.(The reason the 360 didn’t have online on the original XBOX was the fact that MP wasn’t a HUGE thing then.Simply put NO they WILL not do this I promise.