Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII visual excitement

The first trailer for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII has been released by Square Enix showing the final installment in the XIII series. The gameplay footage gives fans some insight into the Victorian style world in which a more limber and agile looking Lightning battles against a number of bosses.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is expected to come out sometime in 2013 on PS3 and Xbox 360 and fans of the series will be able to obtain closure from the previous two games, as this will be the final installment. Lightning’s final journey is reported on CVG, although some gamers have given us the impression more has been expected from the series, with many feeling the franchise is in decline. Fans of the series may share different opinions as the redesigning of Lightning’s appearance has given her character a darker new look.

Her new attire makes her look ready for battle this time around and Gaming Blend talks about how Lightning’s new appearance goes well with the darker setting, along with new information tying the release date down to March 2013. With only 13 days to save the world from the Sea of Chaos they show images of Lightning’s new wardrobe and mention how the setting and the costume have a connection for this next FF outing.

In other news, Examiner document the arrival of a new image of the game showing off the title menu, as this new photo made an appearance online at the beginning of the week. Other images take a look at the producer Yoshinori Kitase, the games logo and several previously attained shots relating to the game that is said to be the end of Lightning’s storyline. Those intending to pre-order Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII can do so by a link found on the Examiner website, so will you be reserving your copy of Lightning’s darkest journey yet?