Skyrim: Olaf four months on, video rather than diary

Fans of the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will now have the opportunity to follow Olaf four months on from the completion of his last journey that saw him go from a shoeless peasant to the owner of the best house in Skyrim. As Olaf returns for a two-part Christmas special we are interested to know why this has been documented as a video rather than a written diary.

Olaf now has intentions to abandon his current status and go to work on a new house he is building from scratch and his new goals are reported on CVG, along with part one of a rags to riches video. This starts with the story of his humble beginnings, in which he has made his way up to the heights of living in the most expensive house in Skyrim (Proudspire Manor), as this is quite an accomplishment for a character that cannot fight monsters or cast spells. Therefore, we are intrigued to know if the high life is sufficient for a man like Olaf.

As some gamers question why this has gone from a written diary to a video, many fans were in favor of the written diaries, although we feel it is a nice touch to have him back for Christmas, and we can see the YouTube series getting countless amounts of views during this period. In other Skyrim news, our last post spoke about the fourth and fifth parts of Skyrim DLC, and more uncertainty involving this on the PlayStation 3.

We highlighted remarks from Bethesda mentioning that they were not happy with the current PS3 DLC situation, so it seems that the penny has finally dropped, as PS3 have been less than happy for sometime now. We get the impression from a friend of Bethesda‘s staff that the expansion problems are weighing heavily on the morale of the company, although we cannot see too much sympathy from those still waiting for the first DLC.

Touching upon their plans for two more expansions as well as free content enhancements similar to mounted combat, we believe this will not be contemplated until issues with both Dawnguard and Hearthfire are resolved. Apparently, the new expansion will involve the beginnings of the Nords and a more extensive look into the world of Skyrim’s culture, and other rumors speak of Snow Elves and Dwarves, with one of the expansions involving spears, although we are still yet to get confirmation of this.

Some patient PS3 gamers are still willing to give Bethesda another chance hoping that the bugs in the Xbox edition of Dawnguard and Hearthfire will be ironed out for the PS3 version. While we feel that many fans have lost interest, we can understand that those still looking on websites for news of DLC progress are big fans of the game, and we applaud those who still have not given up hope. So while we take time out to wish our readers a very Merry Christmas, we hope the new year brings us all the Skyrim content required and Bethesda keep fighting the good fight to bring us what we have been expecting for sometime.

Returning to the original topic, did you prefer the written diaries as opposed to the videos? Alternatively, has the news that Bethesda are not happy with the DLC situation given you cause to believe they are really trying to make this possible?

  • paul

    people before money Bethesda now i will move on goodbye.

  • DragonSlayer

    im still waiting dammit. merry christmas

  • Humpernator

    I’ve moved on. I was so ready for Dawnguard when it was “supposed” to come out for PS3. Now I won’t be buying any DLC for Skyrim.