Countdown to Skyrim Dragonborn PS3 DLC begins

Now we have entered the year 2013, fans of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on the PlayStation 3 are now rubbing their hands together in anticipation for the eagerly awaited Dragonborn DLC. The traumas surrounding the missing Skyrim content had become a constant debate for PS3 users over the last six months, so we are expecting Dragonborn to drop sometime soon.

While we take time out to wish our readers a happy new year, we can see 2013 being another big year for gaming. We are under the impression Bethesda are still working hard to bring Dawnguard and Hearthfire to the Sony console, and it seems the preferred content out of the three could be making its way to us in the early part of this year according to a report on Ubergizmo.

This news comes from Bethesda themselves who have announced Dragonborn coming soon to both PS3 and PC platforms early this year, and the countdown to this release has already begun for some, as many feel that we have now entered the month of January. The question now is how early will this be available? Could we be seeing the DLC this month?

At the beginning of December, we spoke about news of the upcoming Dragonborn release on the PS3 and questioned why nothing has been stated yet about both Dawnguard and Hearthfire although at the time we were just glad to hear of any DLC. Now we are contemplating a fresh start for the New Year with more informative updates from Bethesda to bring back some disgruntled fans with the arrival of Dragonborn.

We understand that many fans will be fed up with the whole situation in regards to PS3 DLC, but now we know Dragonborn is coming we are intrigued to know if anyone out there has any insight on an actual date this will release. Are you expecting this DLC within this month?

  • magus

    I sure do hope it gets released for both PC and PS3 at the same time, early this month.

  • thalvors

    It would be nice to see the next gen platforms to come out. The increased ram and cpu power will stop a lot of these problems. The PS3 is just old now, and bethsoft should be comended for being able to create such a complex game that can run on the aging ps3. The engineering skill and man hours to do that task is very impressive.

    • amcgrath18

      …xbox is older.

    • wickedwhite

      If they wouldn’t have been lazy and did duel builds non of this would happen. Its not hardware its lazy coding for xbox then trying to port to other consoles never works. They try to save money but Blew up in there face badly. Time for gamers to stop buying games from any company that does such acts independent builds are a must now thank god there are still company’s out there they care about there fan base

    • Lworm

      ps3 has more power than xbox and is also newer it was just that the programming codes were different and that ps3 has a more complex coding than xbox does and is more susceptible to bugs and glitches and stop taking shots at ps3 console wars are extremely annoying

  • yourasdumbasthemayans

    another useless article. I blame myself. I should just not pay any attention to these article until the headline reads “Release date announced”. Until then, I’m finished belittling the writers of such useless articles. I suppose though they have families to take care of.

    • Magus

      I wish the writers of these articles had the same mind set you do, then maybe they would not post these pointless articles. I bet you some of these writers look up other peoples articles, then simply re word them for their site. I understand they have work to do but they could always focus on different games until they actually have some worthy news for Skyrim. Honestly, these articles just say the exact same things as 100’s of other articles.

  • Kim

    I’m expecting DragonBorn on PC this Friday.

    If not, I may very well join the PS3 hordes into the battle to rid this world of Microsoft exclusivity.

    In fact, since Skyrim runs under Windows, why does the exclusivity apply to PC versions as well?

    Isn’t MS shooting themselves in the foot?

    • wickedwhite

      No they have 3 times game sells on xbox than pc due to fact of piracy if pc wasn’t so easy to get games for free they may start pushing pc platform again but until then dont count on it

      • 420

        You’re dumb.

        • BoyHitTroll

          Because you know him so well.

  • Hinesy

    Something will come up with the PS3 version that will delay it. They’ll say it can’t be helped, it’s to assure quality, blah blah blah. This is Fallout 3 all over again. Bethesda had 1000 reasons why ps3 players had to wait, then when they were done milking the 360 and pc users, they finally remembered people on ps3 played it. Then they complained that the dlc didn’t sell well, not taking in lack of interest after an extended wait made people give up.

  • Guest

    ps3 has more power than xbox and is also newer it was just the code the games are written differ from that of xbox’s and is more complex

  • z’del

    I’m hoping to see the dlc in jan but with my own luck ill be in boot camp in feb. and that is probably when it will make its appearance.

  • TuxedoCartman

    Language matters in press releases such as this one. So since they have been extra careful to say, “Early 2013,” I won’t expect this content until April at the earliest, mid-May being the more likely time-frame. And since they’ve stated Dragonborn will proceed Dawnguard and Hearthfire for the PS3 (way to screw us over for quest items and abilities that could have been useful, Bethesda), that means we won’t see the first two expansions until mid-summer at the earliest… well over a year since they premiered on the XBox, and coming up awfully soon on the 2-year-old anniversary of the game itself. But they’ll say that it’s okay, because we’ll be getting them at a discounted price than what they premiered on the XBox for; they just won’t mention it’s the same “on sale” price they were going for on XBox live last week. Oh, and lest I forget, expect the GOTY Edition to go on sale at the exact same time as Dawnguard/ Hearthfire.