Expectations of New Diablo 3 mode falls short

As far as PC games are concerned, Diablo 3 was one of last years biggest hits, so news that Blizzard has decided to scrap the new Team Deathmatch mode has been questioned by many fans. It seems they are not happy with this aspect of the game and Blizzard have stated that the do not feel this is a great addition to the game, amounting to their return to the drawing board.

Director Jay Wilson has expanded on their ideas for this mode and their plans to scrap this on the official Diablo 3 blog talking about the intention to provide more formal support for the community that existed in Diablo II. Highlighting this news on CVG, they mention how the Team Deathmatch mode emerged, and why this was ideal for making improvements to the game.

According to Wilson, the mode falls short of their expectations and doesn’t keep in line with the high standard that both Blizzard and fans have come accustom to. A lack of depth has been the main issue and fighting with no objectives or choices may become tiresome to many, as those who have tested it feel that it will not keep gamers occupied for more than a few hours.

In addition, a new patch is expected in the future with 1.0.7 introducing Dueling, as well as news that Blizzard is entertaining the idea of a console port. We previously mentioned how popular Diablo 3 is, yet in an article on Forbes they discuss how Diablo 3 is Google’s fifth most searched term last year, as fans questions and concerns with game issues featured quite highly.

It seems that many questions arose due to problems with the game not working, and issues encountered, so when you look at the amount of searches that have been more prominent we get an idea of how this game was investigated on a regular basis. In fact, Diablo 3 was searched more often than Kate Middleton, and nearly as much as the iPad 3, although the long waited release of the game may have something to do with the overall figures.

Last month we contemplated Diablo 3 console support, along with questions about whether gamers would prefer this on the existing consoles or the next gen systems, as we are now under the impression Blizzard Entertainment exploring the idea of a Diablo 3 console port. The reason we mention the next gen is because by the time this comes out, the new consoles may be ready, and the next gen consoles could be the ideal platform to house the game, as well as adding to and expanding it. Would you like to see this title on the existing consoles?