New Black Ops 2 maps and weapons inbound via DLC

Fans of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 will welcome news of more maps and weapons coming our way in the form of upcoming DLC. News of this has recently been leaked from a promo poster, which seemingly reveals the next content drop to be called ‘Revolution’, and this is expected to contain four new multiplayer maps.

The maps in question are Mirage, Grind, Downhill and Hyrdo, and additionally the Zombies map known as Rise will be on offer along with new Peacekeeper SMG. There have been reports that this add-on is expected from January 29th and the source of this information came from the Call of Duty forums, although it has since been removed, even though Activision has confirmed that around four Black Ops 2 map packs are planned to be released.

Although the details sound rather vague at the moment we question whether the new Peacekeeper SMG works on the multiplayer aspect or whether this is restricted to zombies. Looking through gamer’s remarks we are under the impression that the Zombies map is called Die Rise, so we are intrigued whether it will be based loosely on Der Riese, or maybe this has some connection to high-rise buildings.

In other Black Ops 2 news, Product Reviews discusses custom emblem bans for offenders, as some gamers are pushing the boundaries with inappropriate emblems, designing logos that involve the likes of swastikas, genitals or both. This sort of thing was an issue in the last game and it seems Treyarch and Activision have to police this again issuing temporary or permanent bans depending on the emblems and repeat offenders.

Explicit images of an offensive nature may be pounced upon, and we understand the need for this, but the swastika emblem is one that may be offensive to some, but taking the actual game into consideration and the inclusion of Nazi zombies we feel they have set themselves up for fans to create this sort of motif. It has now got to the point where Activision’s community manager Dan Amrich has taken to writing an extensive post on his blog expanding on the fact that he is ‘tired of the current emblem nonsense’ and how offensive material is not acceptable.

We understand that not everyone shares the same opinion when it comes to drawing the line where something is regarded as vulgar, but the game does have a mature rating, which in the same aspect can produce some rather childish behavior. The emblem issue is documented on the One of Swords website along with details of what is and isn’t acceptable, along with the punishment for minor offences and both extreme or repeat offences, as received reports will be investigated, especially if the number of complaints is increasing.

This is where divided opinion among gamers has to be considered, while some are not easily offended expecting to create whatever emblem they like, others feel that those wanting to create something offensive should do it somewhere else, like on a piece of paper, so that not everyone has to see it. What is your opinion on this? Additionally, what new maps and weapons would you like to see included in the upcoming DLC?

  • walrusx


  • LPurdy

    can’t wait for new maps and new weapons maybe a g36 and 9 or 10 mm full auto hand gun with all the maps in core added to hardcore with no spawn time and no friendly fire we are tired of getting kicked, The game becomes insane at times people getting kicked right and left is #$%$^#

  • x_ToXiC_Sh0Ts_x

    The game is an 18, therefore emblems should not be monitored. If children are on the game then let them see it, the parents of those children should be deemed responsible as to what they see, not the company or the game.

  • Josh Gold

    Why are people bitching about the emblem? People should be happy that we get to shoot hundreds of nazis in the head. I’m Jewish and enjoy the opportunity for some glorious pay back 😉

    • Funky kohl

      Of course you are, your last name is gold