Two PS4 release possibilities and PS3 2013 potential

We get the impression that many gamers expected more from the gaming industry in 2012, so could this year have more to offer the disheartened enthusiasts among us. With many gamers looking forward to upcoming titles like Grand Theft Auto V and The Last of Us, many have their sights set on the next generation consoles and various possibilities have been explored.

Speculation surrounding the release date of the so called PS4 point in the direction of a Christmas 2013 launch, although others suggest that a further six months may be the expected time, meaning that Sony’s next gen console may not be here for another year and half. In an article on PlayStation Lifestyle, they talk about what is on the cards for 2013 and question the amount of PS3 titles that have only been given release dates for the first six months of this year.

This has give many cause to believe plans for the PlayStation 4 may be hopeful of a next gen release this year, and we can see why Sony want to get this console on the market as soon as possible. No matter whether there is a delay or not, we expect to see an official reveal this year, and more leaks during 2013. While many in the industry expected last year to be a big gaming year with many big titles releasing, the current financial climate has had an affect, and with the end of the existing consoles lifecycle imminent, we are expecting 2013 to pick up more momentum as far as gaming is concerned and end the year with on a high note.

Disregarding the rumors about the PS4 there is still plenty of potential for 2013 with plenty of new games being lined up for the current system and Guerrilla Games have been developing their new IP for at least 2 years. Other aspects could be worth looking out for this year with Gaikai expected to accumulate plenty of users, so by the end of 2013 we should start witnessing some exciting times in the world if gaming.

The potential of the PS Vita has also been discussed, so we also expect more Vita orientated games throughout 2013, so many gamers are hyped up for a manic year of new consoles and new games with the Sony systems getting some great exclusives, although we are also looking forward to a fresh start with the next generation PS4. Last month we spoke about the ongoing debate surrounding PS4 and Xbox 720 RAM, and whether these systems will be affordable to the consumer if a higher RAM is contained in both.

When you listens to gamers opinions 4-8GB is expected although nothing has been mentioned about the chance that 6GB could be a possibility. With some developers like Epic games and Crytek hoping to have at least 16GB of RAM to show off their visions, we get the impression some developers feel that an upgrade won’t be warranted for any less. We understand that developers are also looking at the longevity of the consoles, especially if we expect to get 5-10 years out of them.

What are you hoping to see from Sony in 2013? Are you less concerned about the talk of next generation consoles and cloud services? Maybe you just want more games for the current system and the Vita.

  • Mark

    Not ready for a PS4 yet, there are still tonnes of great PS3 titles coming along. Whilst Microsoft have been dead in the water for some time (mainly due to the rushed last-gen storage spec of the XBox), Sony made great design decisions with the PS3.

  • Seth

    Mark talks the truth. Ive just installed a 1G hard disk in my PS3 and upgraded to Playstation Plus. I’ll be downloading loads of free & discounted games in 2013 whilst catching up on the games I missed last year, plus the great games coming out this year I will be very busy!

  • Pound4AGame

    I hope that GTA V eventually makes its way to the PS4 from the PS3, that would be great.
    I also discovered today when the Playstation 4 maybe coming out here.