Increasing Elite: Dangerous features with new goal

Last year the creator of Wing Commander, Chris Roberts took many by surprise after raising more than 7 million dollars for his eagerly awaited space sim Star Citizen, and after the success of this crowd funding launch it seems Frontier Developments have entertained a reboot of their popular Elite franchise with a new Kickstarter campaign for the new Elite: Dangerous.

This version aims to give players the opportunity to venture around a large open world with a customizable starship, encouraging players to explore solo or with friends. Highlighting this news, IGN talk about their goal to raise over 1.5 million pounds and since November, Dangerous has accumulated over 1.2 million pounds in pledges, which is only 15,000 short of the target.

Elite: Dangerous will give players choices on how to play, hosting many different outcomes that are defined by players actions, thus having an affect on how the universe continues. We applaud the way IGN deliver information about new projects with links for gamers to show their support, although many feel that it’s about time another Elite title entered the frame, and some gamers were hoping to back this before now.

Games like these are great for the aspiring astronauts among us, as exploring planets and galaxies in a game could be the nearest thing to it. The technology is now here to make amazing games like this, and those who say the sky is the limit, should take solace in the fact that we can go much further nowadays. To check out the teaser footage of Elite: Dangerous watch the embedded video below and let us know what you think.