Gathering of DmC: Devil May Cry reviews are positive

Fans of the Devil May Cry games will be pleased to know the latest reboot is receiving rave reviews prior to this months release and the first by GamesMaster has awarded the game with a brilliant score of 89%. Devil May Cry is scheduled for release on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on January the 15th and PC owners will see their version come ten days later, so we are interested to know whether the positive reviews will mark a decent start to 2013.

Recent reviews of DmC give us the impression this is a brilliant title and what better way to start the year than with a blockbuster title to set the bar for 2013. In an article on CVG, they highlight comments by GamesMaster regarding the game as bold and brutal delivering an extensive four-page review, which goes on to say this title’s new modern setting is a refreshing change from the gothic roots, although the violence and raw vision is still apparent.

The demons involved are viewed as not only visually rewarding but also expertly molded to fit in with the world of DmC. The familiar style combat remains for those of you who are fans of the series, although the boss battles are not met with the same enthusiasm and this is seen as one of the weaker elements of the game, as nothing new can be found here.

Cinema Blend also have good things to say about the Devil May Cry classing it as surprisingly positive as far as reviews go, and those of you who didn’t have much faith in this may find this title exceeds expectations. With a score of 9/10, some may say this is better than previous titles in many ways, although we still suggest gamers wait patiently for more reviews to get a decent overall perspective.

More positive reviews are mentioned on Latinos Post considering how poorly this game was received by fans since it was announced, and this is where we require more reviews so we can weigh up the pros and cons. Looking at other reviews the scores are relatively the same and although they are overwhelmingly positive, the boss battles have been one of the downsides, so we hope to hear more on this aspect in the coming weeks. Are the recent reviews enough for you to go ahead and pre-order your copy now?