Initial PS4 details to be discussed ahead of E3

PlayStation 4 details are set to be discussed prior to this years Electronic Entertainment Expo event, as a new invite notice to selected industry partners will give those attending the chance to see how things are coming along. The closed doors event in February is said to give those involved the opportunity to check out a “first look at amazing new releases from SCEA”, while we get ready for the arrival of the next gen console.

This will give third-party publishers the chance to discuss their plans for 2013 according to Sony and the Destination PlayStation event set a few weeks before the annual E3 showcase may be the ideal place to reveal their new console. Highlighting the industry event ahead of the PS4 reveal, CVG report on how this could be where some initial details on the system could be revealed for industry partners on the next-gen console.

Sony will be looking to enforce industry relationships as they prepare to launch a new system, even though the event is said to focus on PS3 and Vita titles, we are sure information on the upcoming PS4 console will be discussed at some point. 2013 could be a defining year for the games industry with plenty of exciting times ahead starting this February, so we are interested whether the competition from Microsoft is causing Sony to start making some moves to promote their next gen console.

Last week we spoke about two PS4 release possibilities and the potential of the current system, documenting rumors by gamers and websites on a Christmas 2013 launch, although many gamers are under the impression we will not be seeing the PS4 until six months after this time. While we contemplate another year and a half wait for the next gen system, it is worth looking at what is coming to the current console this term. Titles like Grand Theft Auto 5 and The Last of Us show us that there is still plenty of life in the PS3, even if we are coming to the end of its lifecycle.

Before this, we mentioned the PS4 and Xbox 720 RAM debate, and many gamers feel that we will be experiencing something like 4 to 8GB, even if some developers are saying 16GB of RAM is relevant to warrant an upgrade. With this in mind, do you feel Sony’s so-called PlayStation 4 will make an appearance this year?