Download XCOM: Enemy Unknown DLC today

Free DLC in the form of Second Wave is expected today for XCOM: Enemy Unknown and unlocks a variety of post-game modifications for fans of the game to embrace. The downloadable content available now adds 16 new game modifiers that were abandoned throughout the game’s development, but have recently been spotted by modders.

It seems the large majority of options are accessible once the game has been completed and four will remain unlocked for those needing more of a challenge, and this involves finishing the game on the impossible difficulty. Highlighting the specifics of what is on offer CVG report on the added options aimed to add new twists or an extra challenge once gamers have completed it, and the options are compiled in a list on the site.

In other news, our last related post spoke about the success of XCOM: Enemy Unknown assuring more DLC for this year. Fans who have completed the game can continue to revisit Enemy Unknown adding longevity to an already well-received title. The popularity of this title and the genre has given gamers reason to call for more of this type, as Enemy Unknown proves how much we miss titles like this and developers should entertain more of this genre in the future. Do you have any DLC ideas that can prolong the enjoyment of XCOM: Enemy Unknown?