Xi3 Piston release to see PC gaming get smaller

The new Xi3 Piston has been shown at the CES today giving us reason to believe PC gaming is getting smaller. The mini-PC is being backed by Valve, and this could be to do with the graphics potential involved, as the Xi3 Piston is optimized to run Valve’s Steam platform packing a quad-core chip.

The system allows a big-picture mode although the main specs involved are a bit vague at present, although a report on Engadget mentions up to 1TB of storage, regarding this as package that is tiny yet rugged, with a heat resistant aluminum chassis. This handy little piece of kit is valued for its low energy consumption and this amounts to just 40W, and is classed as future-proof with its modular motherboard allowing users to switch components in accordance to new technology.

While we wait to hear more details on this, it is worth mentioning that the backing from Valve must be down to the graphics potential, although some gamers are concerned how much this will cost considering the 2 core athlon is going for around 800 dollars. Others feel that it will not run games on 1080p above 60fps and although this maybe ideal for surfing the net, the price is something that may turn many gamers away.

This seems to be a good idea for those wanting to configure their PC and not feel the need to upgrade for sometime and some gamers are promoting the “cartridge computer” as way to evolve PC gaming. Do you find the minute Xi3 Piston is the state of things to come? How much do you expect this will go for? To see it in action check out the embedded video below.