Black Ops 2 Revolution: CoD DLC worth full price

Recent leaks of the upcoming DLC for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 have been officially confirmed by Activision, and rumors that this is known as Revolution have also been revealed giving us reason to believe that some speculative reports can sometimes have some truth behind them. Looking at what is involved in the CoD add-on, many gamers may feel that the cost is warranted this time and well worth the price for what you are getting.

Multiple leaks revealed the pack to involve four new multiplayer maps and it seems this will be apparent with Downhill, Mirage, Hyrdo, Grind and Downhill, as well as a new Zombies map known as ‘Die Rise’. In an article on CVG, they also mention the introduction of a new Zombies mode called ‘Turned’, which allows players to take control of zombies for the first time, while a lone human player has to fight for their life gaining points against the horde of zombie players. The first zombie to hunt down the human gets the opportunity to spawn in as the new human.

In addition, the new Peacekeeper SMG will also be available and the release of this DLC is scheduled for January 29 on Xbox 360 for 1200 Microsoft Points, although those playing on other platforms will have to wait a bit longer, in fact, up to a month has been suggested. When you look at value for money we can see that fans will feel this is worth full price considering five new maps, a new gun and a new mode make it economically viable.

Only last week, we spoke about the recent leak and what should be involved, and mentioned plans for more map packs have been confirmed by Activision, we also questioned whether the new Peacekeeper SMG works on the multiplayer or just limited to the zombies mode. Therefore, do you feel the upcoming DLC is worth full price? To see the Revolution DLC map pack preview check out the video below and give us your impression.