GTA 5 marketing enters new phase

When you think about where the majority of Grand Theft Auto fans will be when it comes to advertising GTA 5 you would not expect Warsaw in Poland would be the ideal place to attach a giant promo poster to a building. Maybe one of America’s largest cities could be beneficial to those in control of marketing, but earlier this week GTA fans were treated to billboard photos on the fansite

According to Michael Reynolds from Cvgworld, Rockstar Games are doing a great job when it comes to promoting the upcoming installment, although International Digital Times question why they would start their publicity campaign in Poland, as opposed to the like of the US and UK. Some may feel that Poland was used in an attempt to test the waters, but we feel the hype surrounding the game would gather more momentum in the US.

While we are still waiting to hear of an actual release date we are under the impression Grand Theft Auto 5 is currently scheduled for a spring 2013 launch in Europe and North America for both the Xbox 360 and the PS3, additionally rumors suggest a Wii U version could also be coming out at the same time. The release date has been a closely guarded secret by Rockstar, although Amazon may have inadvertently revealed the time to those pre-ordering their copies and apparently, Grand Theft Auto V will be expected early March, even though other sources have suggested an April release.

Our latest GTA 5 post spoke about the popularity of the franchise and it seems this title dominates another poll of the most anticipated games of 2013. It is worth mentioning that The Last Of Us and GTA V are the two that feature the highest, and we feel that the already established fanbase could have something to do with this topping the poll, so we are unsure which is best. What is your opinion? Do you feel Grand Theft Auto V will be the game of the year?

  • Chris Hatton

    Tesco stores in the UK are giving a relase date of March 12 on there website…

    • McDonald

      their goddammit.

  • Shan

    Poland why just why? Should of picked the UK or America first off would of had a better start than that horrid place!

    • disqus_q1UtJUyuFH

      There is nothing wrong with Poland, especially that Poland has quiet a large fan-base with GTA..

  • astral

    why is errbody hating on poland

    • disqus_q1UtJUyuFH

      Because there probably jealous in a way that Poland’s marketing as started of but the UK or America’s hasn’t.

  • john smith

    Well its a strategic place. see everyone’s getting hyped about the billboard and it makes people want it more now in other parts of the world