PS Vita review of sales a year on

Looking at the review of sales for the PlayStation Vita nearly a year on from its official release the figures are lower than expected, although long-term goals are still apparent. Success according to Sony CEO Kaz Hirai will be measured anywhere from five to ten years from now, and Sony do not seem worried about the slow sales at the moment.

Hirai says it is the long-term situation that is important, conceiving sales of the handheld are “on the low end of what they expected,” and the success will be judged years from now. Highlighting the low sales figures Gamespot reiterate Hirai’s comments about similar questions being asked about the PlayStation 3 after its launch and now regards the console as a success. With that in mind, the PS3 has sold more than 70 million units globally as of mid-November 2012.

The Vita has sold more than 2.2 million units worldwide since its launch, although there is no news of a price drop for the handheld, so we hope Sony contemplates a reduction to make this system more accessible to the larger audience. Some gamers feel that a drop in price for the handheld should be discussed to promote the handheld considering it has been out for a year and we can probably expect another company will make more cheaper and innovative portable devices as technology gets more advanced.

When you consider how well the mobile gaming industry has done over the last year or two, Sony needs to encourage more gamers to embrace the PS Vita, and we feel the best way is to reduce the price. In other Vita news, our last post mentioned the 2.02 update aimed to improve software stability, and this only takes couple of minutes to install, while some owners may feel this optional update is not worth installing, we understand this may not show any vast changes but it does improve the software stability. Returning to the original source, do you feel the PS Vita will be classed as a success 5 to 10 years from now?

  • Guy

    I don’t see how it can be. In this new world of cheap and free smart phone and tablet games, first party content is key to gaining a solid install base. Just look at the 3DS. It took Super Mario 3D Land and MarioKart 7 to save that system, because nobody does platformers and kart racers better than Nintendo. They were able to sell the system, despite the competition from smart phones and tablets. Say what you want, but Sony doesn’t have any first party games that command that level of sales.