Race Driver GRID 2 vs. Forza and Need For Speed

Fans of car racing games have had some great additions to this genre over the last few years and three named in the title have accumulated plenty of racing game enthusiasts, as every iteration of each franchise aims to make their version the best out there. The competition has been ideal for fans and we can see this becoming even more advanced once the next gen consoles arrive.

When you look at some of the racing games on offer we can see this genre of gaming has come a long way and many fans feel that next gaming has already started for racing titles, as they continue to be more realistic as time goes on. In an article on GamenGuide, they mention how Codemasters’ Grid 2 aims to keep up with the likes of Forza and The Need For Speed, with comments from designer Ross Gowing discussing why this sequel has taken so long to materialize.

He also speaks about how racing games have evolved since the release of Grid, as they intended to make the sequel straight after the first, yet their ambitions were restricted by the console hardware. The time taken in between the two games has given developers more time to become properly acquainted with the current consoles and improve the game’s engine, and during this period other racing games have raised the bar for this genre.

While we wait to see if the upcoming GRID 2 game has also raised the bar, it seems the powerful Ego Engine has improved and enhanced this game. In our last relative post we mentioned how GRID 2 benefits from Battlefield 3 with the use of a similar advanced lighting technique, so are you expecting GRID 2 to be this years most anticipated racing game?