The Walking Dead glitch solution with simple instructions

Those of you experiencing a stuttering glitch with The Walking Dead on the Xbox 360 have been offered a solution with simple instructions, as a free download is available to those affected. Continued reports about the performance have prompted Telltale games to smooth over this issue by offering free downloadable versions to affected users.

We initially intended to obtain the actual news and instructions from the Telltale website, but at the time of writing the site seemed to be experiencing difficulties although CVG reports briefly about the current situation and how those affected can download the whole season on Marketplace.

The post on the Telltale games forum mentions the studio notes, in which only 4GB Xbox 360 models not fitted with an internal hard drive are being hindered by this problem, and this is said to cause “unacceptable freezing or stuttering”. They suggest installing an internal hard drive and those unable to do this will be eligible to download the game via the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Its worth mentioning that gamers who intend to download the game will have to complete a Claim Redemption Form before installation Have you been experiencing unacceptable freezing or stuttering? Maybe this issue has been apparent on your PC.