PS4 power debate continues

Expectations are high for the upcoming next generation Sony console with many gamers under the impression that much like the PS3 this new console will be the most powerful system of all. The so-called PlayStation 4 may not need to be the most powerful to be a success, as it is the actual games that need to be decent. This has also brought up the debate of whether great graphics or gameplay are more desirable.

Some may feel that the amount of tech involved in the current PS3 was not necessary and initially made the console expensive, considering many third party games are just like those on the Xbox 360. In an article on Player Essence, they discuss what the next gen console requires to be a success and power does not feature as highly as we expect, putting more emphasis on the games doing most of the work.

Although titles like Uncharted 3 are visually rewarding they feel Sony should pay more attention to the fun aspect as opposed to the graphics, although personally graphics are what excite me more about the next gen games. Their opinion is that many of their favorite PS3 titles do not take advantage of the consoles graphical capabilities, so we can see they are more intent on how games play rather than how they look.

We understand that the tech involved in the PlayStation was rather expensive causing Sony to reduce the cost of the console thus affecting their overall profit, which could happen again with the PS4, therefore, a more affordable console would be advantageous for Sony reducing their tech costs making it more accessible to the public.

In other news, our last PS4 post mentioned the initial details being discussed prior to this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. This comes from a new invite notice for specific industry partners attending a closed doors event in February to see how things are coming along for the new system. Returning to the original source, do you agree with the notion that the PS4 does not need to particularly powerful to succeed? Alternatively, do you feel that we are more concerned with seeing a visual improvement on the next gen console?

  • Gavin Kennedy

    Surely if its a next gen console then it’s should be all the above powerful and gameplay should be second to none but that’s down to developers surely Sony just provide the platform what should be done Is proper cross play for vita n playstation if they crack that then wow!!! It will happen one day …..

  • Nicholas Gatewood

    I wish idiots would stop acting as if better hardware only means better visuals. Superior hardware means better physics, AI, animations and draw distances, larger environments with more interactive elements in them(including destructible environments)… hardware means everything. The only reason people are claiming otherwise is because lots of people are Nintendo fanboys. It’s sickening. I guarantee that consoles with better hardware will be able to support more advanced gameplay- Battlefield 3, anyone?

    I don’t think the PS4 will be more powerful than the next-gen Xbox, but I don’t care. I’m not interested in Microsoft’s consoles after their poor offerings on 360, I just want a nice, good leap in hardware power without having to return to PC gaming. The PS4 should provide that at a good price.