Understanding FarmVille 2 Yogurt Creamery easily

Fans of FarmVille 2 looking to extend their land and open a Yogurt Creamery will be pleased to know there is an easy method being discussed to make the most out of your dairy animals, giving them a higher status on the farm. Those of you with a decent collection of goats and cows can work towards collecting a series of 12 yogurts, much like that done with eggs from chickens.

With just a few spare acres, players can now build the Yogurt Creamery and the first building stages start off with the collection of six milk cans, eight wood planks and eight stone blocks. Obtaining the milk cans must be earned by posting general requests to your news feed, and the other two sets can be eared by individual requests to your neighbors. You are then required to add four friends to the building as workers to finish it off.

Workers are earned through more individual requests sent directly to friends, and the specifics of what you need to know are documented on Kotaku guiding players intent on getting that Yogurt Creamery up and running. Once your Yogurt Creamery has been completed you can only make use of it once you have four Adult Cows or Goats and feeding them results in Milk Droplets added to the Yogurt Creamery, so when the Creamery is full, yoghurt harvesting can commence.

Every time players harvest the Creamery, they get a Plain Yogurt, although the first time will amount in a “Gourmet Yogurt,” which comes in three rarities: Uncommon, Rare and Ultra Rare. Plain Yogurt is ideal for use as a crafting ingredient resulting in various Yogurts or overall recipes, whereas the Gourmet Yogurts are not for crafting, as they belong in a Yogurt Collection. After collecting 12 of them, you will receive a Highland Cow.

Back in November, we mentioned Zynga getting into the festive spirit with a Thanksgiving Market Update and this gave players the opportunity to obtain animals, trees, and decorations based around the Thanksgiving theme. Returning to the original topic, have you managed to get your Yogurt Creamery up and running?