Why Skyrim PS Vita release will never happen

While PlayStation 3 gamers are still waiting for all three DLCs for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim there has still been no movement as far as when or if any will become available, giving us cause to feel that Bethesda’s popular title has had problems with this platform since the game was released. This brings up the question whether we will ever see a PS Vita version in the future or would this be too hard to reproduce on the handheld.

The size of the game and the detail involved could be one of the many reasons why this may not be possible, even though the Vita has a lot of power for a handheld console. For this to happen certain things would have to be removed from the game or the Vita would have to be streamlined, yet a scaled-down Skyrim is not so attractive. In an article on Gaming Illustrated, they also question the possibility of Skyrim on Sony’s handheld and mention how Bethesda’s proprietary engine would not make a smooth transition over to the Vita.

With this in mind, Skyrim could be possible for the PS Vita, but would be better if it was not done by Bethesda, as many expect this would be just a buggy poor excuse of a game. The Vita is regarded as a powerful handheld system with plenty of potential showing it can manage decent games like Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation and Gravity Rush, so larger worlds that are more expansive should not be a problem, giving us reason to believe that in the right hands developers could create something on the same scale as Skyrim.

In other Skyrim news, we recently mentioned a new mod that offers talking NPCs, shops and quests with a new settlement known as Syercote. The creation of modder Samv96UKK shows how well made the mod is, and the voice acting is on par with that of Bethesda. The good thing about this mod is that none of Skyrim’s expansions are required to play it, and the vanilla version patched to will give gamers the opportunity to try it out.

It is worth contemplating that Skyrim’s main problem is with the PS3, and a PS Vita would probably have fewer issues than that found in the main console. Therefore, would you like to see a Vita version of Skyrim?

  • Really?Hmm

    Ahh Do you work at Bethesda then?
    Do you know what Bethesda is planning?
    More to the point how the hell would ‘You’ even know?
    …Ask yourself that question Pal

  • Nicholas Gatewood

    “Articles” like this are so unprofessional.

    Toning down some of the texture quality wouldn’t make the game much worse, it’d just look a tiny bit muddier to fit the system’s resolution(half of 720p, aka the resolution Skyrim runs at on 360 and PS3). Compress the files a ton and it’s more than possible, the only problem is in getting a team to manually do this when Bethesda is likely unwilling. I could see it being a very successful port, but it’d take a dedicated team at least half a year to do it properly. Oh well.

  • jspillen

    As crazy as this is to say I don’t think the Bethesda team cares enough about Playstation to bother doing a good job, and so it shouldn’t be done at all. Or should be given to another team to work through thoroghly. It would be a big, big seller and since I’ve personally seen both MW3 and BF3 running on a Vita… well I’m betting it as the power to do it already.