New PlayStation Move and FIFA 14 support possibility

We know that Sony will give us a new PlayStation Move when they release the PS4, but what we don’t know is what differences the motion control sensor will have when compared to its predecessor. However, we might have an idea now thanks to a patent for what is believed to be the 2-gen PS Move controller, but it’s the possibilities that can be had while playing a title like FIFA 14 that has us interested – well if the next console is released in time.

Sony has put in a patent for a new PlayStation Move and you’ll notice from the image above and also the source that the design looks much sharper than the current model, and from what we can see will be much more comfortable to hold as well. The PS Move motion controller has not had the success that Sony would have hoped, but looking at the design they could be onto a winner this time.

One would presume that Sony will make more of an effort with game developers so that there will be a greater choice of games to offer support for their new Move system, but we do hope that the PS4 is released around the same time as FIFA 14 because the image above shows just how much fun you can have with the new design – although you’ll need a large room to take advantage of it.

Update: Sony did not patent this new design and what has shocked us the most is the fact that this design was thought of way before the current version that is on the market today.