Dust 514 open beta two-week countdown

According to reports, upcoming free-to-play shooter Dust 514 will have an open beta launch for its PS3 exclusive, which will entitle Eve Online users to merge and interact with the new game. This new type of cross-system communications defines a historic moment for CCP Games accomplishing something new and unprecedented in world of gaming.

The beta starts on the 22nd of January, so as we countdown to the new online universe this is an ideal way to bridge the PC and console platforms in real time. In a report on CVG, they discuss comments made by CCP chief executive Hilmar Petursson, in regards to this being another step in their long-term vision for both the company and Eve. This will offer a free play game with the option to purchase additional items including a new Mercenary Pack for the value of $20 recently seen on the PlayStation Store.

Dust 514 is set to release in October, and although no actual date has been pinned down SCEA president Jack Tretton has informed us that the aforementioned month of October is when we should expect Dust 514. Last month, we spoke about the gameplay action and weapon customization with the developer’s video diary and mentioned how customization will add to the various circumstances and different styles of play. While we looked at signs that this game is gaining positive recognition the cross play interaction is a feature we are all looking forward to.

Are you expecting more developers to get on board with this type of cross communication in the future? Maybe you are going to reserve judgment until you have had the chance to experience this in action.