LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Roster and areas

While we scratch around for limited details on LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, it is plain to see that this installment is set to accumulate plenty of fans from both superhero and Lego styled games. While Warner Bros keep information close their chest, we are still waiting to see what is involved in the gameplay and whether any screenshots of the game will be available soon. With this mind, some roster news and areas have caught our attention, so we thought this might interest fans of previous Lego games.

From what we gather, the roster for this game is said to be quite extensive with plenty of great superheroes to choose from, as this title aims to build on themes and heroes from the Avengers. Some of the general details are documented on Nintendo Everything along what the story has to offer, and as far as the roster and areas are concerned, there has been talk of The Thing and Juggernaut appearing in the game.

It seems as if Grand Central Station is included and one level takes place at the OsCorp Tower giving us reason to believe the Green Goblin will be there. A recently spotted metallic wall with a dotted-line M in a test area also hints at the chance Magneto will make an appearance, and Sandman has also been mentioned going by a concept art piece in addition to many other dangerous villains that seem to attract the attention of superheroes.

We are under the impression a certain villain from the Marvel Super Hero Squad will have a large role in the upcoming game, although we are still unsure who this will be. When it comes to the heroes involved, the Hulk was the first character added and LEGO Batman 2 has inspired the creators to enhance characters like Superman making sure all playable characters are desirable, giving players a reason to try out all the available cast members.

While the Spider-Man character is viewed to be one of the most difficult characters they’ve worked on, the story of Loki being imprisoned is relative to the direction taken in the Avengers film and this game will see him team up with another currently unknown Marvel villain, while Galactus is heading toward Earth. In other related news, last week we mentioned how a game like this is destined for success with fan favorites like Spider-Man, the Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Wolverine, Superman and Wonder Woman with around 100 characters expected throughout. What characters would you like to see in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes?


    Umm you said Superman and Wonder Woman they are DC not Marvel…

  • El Matt

    umm fail for you, spiderman is marvel. Granted wonder woman may be DC though

  • john ravanis

    Thanos mandarin spawn and they announced galactus now let’s continue mandarin mabe nightcrawler ice man lol mabe j johna Jameson cable sentinel black cat iron fist daredevil colosus American dream wendigo ghost rider the leader crims amd dinamo she hulk asgardien wariors punisher cyclops Dr samson